•  One-Way Dual Language Program Model (SPANISH and ENGLISH)


    FBISD is excited to announce the One-Way Dual Language Program Model (OWDL) from 

    2021-2022 to all incoming Pre-k through kindergarten. The OWDL program will phase out the Early  Exit Bilingual Education Model. The OWDL program is a bilingual program in which native Spanish-speaking students use their primary language and English to excel academically while becoming bilingual/bi-literate and socio-cultural competent. Native Spanish speakers receive Spanish and English instruction. The amount of instruction in English begins at 10% in PreK. It gradually increases across the grade levels until it reaches an equivalent amount of instruction in each language of 50% in 3rd grade and maintains that 50/50 ratio through 5th grade. 


    Phased Implementation of One-Way DUAL LANGUAGE PROGRAM MODEL (SPANISH)

    As the district phases in the One-Way Dual Language Program Model with the initial PK and Kinder grade-level cohorts beginning in 2021-2022, grades 1st through 5th will continue the implementation of the current Transitional Bilingual Early-Exit model. FBISD will offer two models of bilingual programming (TBEE and OWDL) until the final group of students taught with the TBEE model have matriculated to middle school at the end of the 2026-2027 school year.


    Elementary Bilingual Program Campuses: One -Way Dual Language Program Model (Spanish) Pre-K & K and Transitional Bilingual Early Exit Model 1st Grade to 5th Grade


    Arizona Fleming Elementary 

    14850 Bissonnet 
    Houston, TX 77083 
    (281) 634-4600

     E.A. Jones Elementary  
    302 Martin Lane 
    Missouri City, TX 77489 
    (281) 634-4960

     Early Literacy Center at Hunters Glen 
    695 Independence Blvd 
    Missouri City, TX 77489 
    (281) 634-4640

    Early Literacy Center at Ridgemont  
    5353 Ridge Creek Circle Bissonnet 
    Houston, TX 77053 
    (281) 634-9810

     Heritage Rose Elementary 
    636 Glendale Lakes Drive 
    Rosharon, TX 77583 
    (281) 327-5400

    Lula Belle Goodman Elementary 
    1100 W. Sycamore 
    Fresno, TX 77545 
    (281) 634-5985

     Lynn Armstrong Elementary   
    3440 Independence Blvd 
    Missouri City, TX 77459 
    (281) 634-9410 

    Mary Austin Holley Elementary 
    16655 Bissonnet 
    Houston, TX 77083 
    (281) 634-3850

     Mission West Elementary   
    7325 Clodine-Reddick Road 
    Houston, TX 77083 
    (281) 634-4320

     Ridgegate Elementary   
    6015 West Ridgecreek Drive 
    Houston, TX 77053 
    (281) 634-4840

    4910 Raven Ridge Drive 
    Houston, TX 77053 
    (281) 634-4880 

    Townewest Elementary   
    13927 Old Richmond Road 
    Sugar Land, TX 77498 
    (281) 634-4480