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    Elementary students in the Fort Bend Independent School District attend music classes taught by teachers who are music degreed and music certified. The primary method used in teaching music concepts and skills in FBISD is the Kodály Method. The Department of Fine Arts began the FBISD Kodály Institute in 2018 to meet the diverse needs of our students and provide a basis for all FBISD Elementary Music programs. The FBISD Kodály Institute provides the opportunity for our teachers to receive Level I, Level II and Level III Kodály Certification.

  • The Kodály approach to music education includes a sequential organization of concepts and skills developed through hearing, singing, reading, writing and creating music. The basis of this approach is the writings of Hungarian composer and educator, Zoltán Kodály. This methodology contributes to the development of the whole child and focuses on music literacy, learning through a child’s own natural instrument—the voice, begins at an early age (preschool through primary grades) and uses the highest quality music which includes of folk music of the world. For further information, see The Kodály Method by Lois Choksy (Prentice Hall). Schools across the world use the Kodály method to train children in the arts through music. 

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Julie Boettiger
Coordinator of Elementary Music and FBISD Kodály Institute
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