• The secondary choral music program of Fort Bend ISD is designed to provide students opportunities to develop their skills and talents as a vocal musician, while simultaneously teaching the attributes of FBISD's Profile of a Graduate. The pursuit of excellence within a safe, nurturing environment permiates everything we do. The FBISD Choral Music programs are on the rise and gaining regional and national prominence. This year three Fort Bend ISD Choirs will perform at two prestigious conventions—the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Convention in San Antonio and the Southwestern American Choral Directors Association (SWACDA) Convention in Little Rock Arkansas.


    The Clements High School Chorale, under the direction of Janet Menzie and Ryan Bogner, will perform for the 2020 TMEA Convention in February. The Garcia Middle School Varsity Treble Choir, under the direction of Kelsey Appleby, and the Clements High School Chorale Women, under the direction of Janet Menzie and Ryan Bogner, will perform for the 2020 SWACDA Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas.



    Middle School Choir

    For all middle school Choir courses, placement is by audition only. The choir program at the middle school begins with group instruction in the sixth grade. These classes meet daily and focus on the continued development of basic musical skills begun at the elementary level and establishing fundamental choral performance skills. Beginning Choir classes present concerts for the parents and public. Beginning Choirs also participate in the Fort Bend ISD Sixth Grade Choral Festival in late March.


    In the seventh and eighth grades, students are provided the opportunity to enroll in gender specific choirs.  If more than one such ensemble is available at the campus students are placed into choirs based on their overall choral skill and an appropriate balance of voices between parts. These choirs perform three or more concerts each year, including performances on campus, in the community, and for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Concert and Sight-reading Festival. Students may elect to participate in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Solo and Ensemble events and/or the Texas Music Educators Association Region Choir audition process, to further develop their individual musicianship. Rehearsal time outside the school day is usually limited. 


    High School Choir

    For all high school Choir courses, placement is by audition only. The high school choirs challenge students with more varied and demanding choral literature requiring advanced vocal technique. Mixed Choir experience is offered in addition to the Treble and Tenor/Bass Choirs. Participation in Concert and Sight-reading and Solo and Ensemble events continues in the High School years. TMEA District Choir auditions at the high school level are the first round of auditions toward membership in one of the TMEA All-State Choirs.  In addition to a wide variety of local performance opportunities, the high school choirs may travel to an out of town performance festival, requiring an overnight stay. 

Private Lessons

  •  A Supplemental Music Lesson Program is available to students who wish to enhance their vocal skills through individualized instruction with a private music contractor.  The campus director can assist students and parents in arranging for such lessons before or after the school day. For further information, please contact the campus choir director, or the fine arts office at 281-634-7651.


     Jocelyn Hagan

    Clements High School Chorale Women have been selected to perform at the Southwestern Division of the American Choral Directors Association (SWACDA) conference in March 2020 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    In honor of this auspicious performance, Fort Bend ISD Department of Fine Arts has commissioned a work from nationally renowned composer Jocelyn Hagen. The work is entitled I Count It All Joy and is in memory of Heather Michelle Menzie, daughter of the Chorale Women’s conductor Janet Menzie. Heather Michelle Menzie (8/18/1991-5/13/2015) had two passions—the violin and research science. She was a second year doctoral student at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and her work continues to live on in the research being done and in the Heather Menzie Endowed Memorial Fund and the Heather Menzie Endowed Excellence Fund for FRI.                      

    The composition, I Count It All Joy, is scored for SSA Chorus, violin, harp, and piano. The text, the music and the texture of the instruments beautifully weave a song that celebrates the life and work of Heather Michelle Menzie. The text chosen is 1 James 2-4 (NIV), selected for its emphasis on perseverance and joy amidst life’s trials.

    Jocelyn Hagen composes music that has been described as “simply magical” (Fanfare Magazine) and “dramatic and deeply moving” (Star Tribune, Minneapolis/St. Paul). She is a pioneer in the field of composition, pushing the expectations of musicians and audiences with large-scale multimedia works, electro-acoustic music, dance, opera, and publishing. Her melodic music is rhythmically driven and texturally complex, rich in color and deeply heartfelt. Hagen’s commissions include Conspirare, the Minnesota Opera, the Minnesota Orchestra, the American Choral Directors Associations, Cantus, the Boston Brass, the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra among many others.

    I Count It All Joy will receive its Houston premiere on March 2nd at Christ Church Sugar Land at 7 PM. The concert will also feature the Garcia MS Varsity Treble Choir, conducted by Kelsey Appleby. Garcia MS is the first FBISD Middle School Choir invited to perform for the SWACDA Conference as well. The SWACDA premiere of I Count It All Joy will be on Friday, March 6th at 3:45 PM at the Robinson Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

FBISD Choir Personnel

  • Gene Holkup

    Assistant Director of Fine Arts for Choral and Elementary Music


    Saleel Menon (Ridge Point High School)

    High School Choir Facilitator


    Kelsey Appleby (Garcia Middle School)

    Middle School Choir Facilitator