• This course allows students the opportunity to learn Mariachi technique, style, and interpretation primarily on the guitar, vihuela, and guitarrón. Students will perform traditional, progressive, and contemporary music. Participants are involved in numerous performances and competitions throughout the year. Students will attend ensemble rehearsals and performances outside of the school day.  

    Mariachi ensembles include the guitar, vihuela, guitarrón, trumpet, violin, harp, and singers. Students can learn to play the guitar, vihuela, and guitarrón during the school day in the Mariachi class. Sign up for the Mariachi class and learn to play one of these instruments. The Mariachi ensembles meet after school and combine students in the Mariachi class with students from the Band (trumpets), Orchestra (violins and harps) and Choir (singers).
    The Mariachi program is available at both Marshall High School and Willowridge High School. Students who are interested in this program should be able to hear and distinguish pitch, have taken a prior music course—such as band, choir or orchestra – or studied music privately. To enroll in the program, contact your campus counselor.

    “Many of these students grew up in their families hearing this music, singing this music, and now we have an event that celebrates the genre.”

    Dr. Bradley Kent, State Director for Music

    University Interscholastic League, Texas

Mariachi Program

Programa de Mariachi en Español

Gene Holkup
Fine Arts Department
Assistant Director of Fine Arts for Choral Music and Innovative Programs
Silvia Johnston
Marshall & Willowridge High Schools
Mariachi Director

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