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    The success of the David Crockett Middle School Band centers on pride, commitment to task, and the willingness to work hard to achieve a common goal.  We do not expect every student in the program to become a virtuoso musician.  We do however expect every student establish both short and long term goals for improvement on his/her instrument, to exhibit mature, responsible attitudes and actions at all times, and be willing to contribute to lots of hard work for the benefit of all.


    The band program exists to provide an excellent music education for the students.  This is achieved through individual study and varied performances throughout the year, supporting a curriculum which places an emphasis on comprehensive musicianship.  Performance opportunities include large ensembles, small ensembles, and solos.  The skills that students acquire in these activities are directly related to skills necessary for auditions, presentations, and interviews in other career fields.


    Social skills are also developed while participating in the band program.  Participation in band enables students to form close friendships within the school through their collaborative efforts and the opportunity to work with their peers as part of a team.  As a member of the Crockett Band program, students make long-lasting friendships and develop a sense of camaraderie that is unique to our organization.  Organizational goals are clearly established, and the students depend heavily on each other to achieve them.  As a result, the concepts of responsibility, teamwork, and good citizenship will develop as each student experiences the world of music.


    The ultimate goal of the program is to produce students who are knowledgeable about music, can perform successfully with confidence, can operate within a structured framework, and can work to develop the skills necessary to become a strong person.

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