DCMS History

  • David Crockett Middle School opened its doors or the first time August 27, 2007. DCMS is the thirteenth middle school in the Fort Bend Independent School District.
    David Crockett Middle School was named after Alamo hero, David Crockett, a native of Tennessee who came to Texas and fought for the freedom of the Republic of Texas.
    “Davy Crockett (1786-1836), American frontier hero and political leader whose death at The Alamo made him a national hero. Crockett was an expert scout, a crack rifleman, and a noted hunter. By his own account he killed 105 bears in about nine months. He was good-natured and always willing to joke about himself, even about his worst misfortunes, and he became known as a witty narrator of tall tales. David Crockett was born in Greene County, Tennessee, on August 17, 1786. He spent much of his youth as a backwoods hunter, and his character was formed by the pioneer hardships on the Tennessee frontier.
    In Congress Crockett became known for the coonskin cap he wore and for his rustic wit and native shrewdness. A courageous legislator, he was dedicated to the defense of his squatter constituents against land speculators and planter aristocrats. His political career was dominated by his determination to pass a bill granting land to people living as squatters in western Tennessee. These efforts involved him in political conflict with such powerful leaders as Jackson and James Polk, later 11th president of the United States.
    Crockett’s heroic death at The Alamo established him as a national hero. On the strength of this fame, his son John Wesley Crockett went to Congress in 1839 and 1841, where he succeeded in securing passage of the Tennessee Vacant Land Bill for which his father had fought so desperately.” ("Davy Crockett," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2009 http://encarta.msn.com © 1997-2009 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.)
    The David Crockett Middle School mascot is the ‘MAVERICK’ a wild, untamed, independent of spirit horse or mustang!