• Peer assistance and leadership  
    PALS stands for Peer Assistance and Leadership. The PALS program is set up from 8th grade through 12th grade. The students work with at risk students and serve as mentors in the Fort Bend ISD. They are responsible for countless activities at each location. They are expected to work on communication and leadership skills in the process. This is a program designed for students to make more informed, responsible, and constructive decisions. PALS develop a close and trusting relationship with each other, along with their PALees, and strictly follow the rules of confidentiality among each other. Students are carefully selected by PALS sponsors and from a selection of applications, interviews, and teacher recommendations. There is a very diverse group representing all student interest. They sign contracts to stay drug free, keep a passing grade average in all classes, and be a positive role model both in and out of the school enviornment. PALS help in several ways by leading and encouraging others to make the right choices.