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  • Destination Imagination competition offers open-ended academic challenges that spark students’ creativity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Visit to learn more. 

    Mechanical Cheetahs – 1st Place

    • Shaheer Azim 
    • Ayaan Dhedhi 
    • Nikhil Erukulla 
    • Raghav Pandurangi 
    • Dhev Sudheer 
    • Neil Tyagi 
    • Team Managers: Rashmi Pandurangi and Mariyah Dhedhi 
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  • District Diversity Calendar and Days of Fasting

    Fort Bend ISD is happy to serve a community with families from all around the world. We are proud to be culturally diverse and celebrate our unique traits as a community of compassionate citizens.


    We recognize that fasting practices occur throughout the calendar year, but that many observances in which individuals fast occur in the spring. As a school community, we are sensitive to and accommodate students and staff observers who express that they are fasting.

    Link to FBISD Diversity Calendar Webpage

    Our partnership with our school community is important to us and we thank our families for their communication with the campus regarding special occasions and observances that may impact the instructional day.

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  • STEAM Night 3.30.23

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  • Join TAGT and Andi McNair for this special family learning opportunity! Passion projects in the classroom give learners the opportunity to consider their own interests, passions, and purpose as they choose a topic to learn more about in an effort to impact others. But, what if this could be a family experience? In this webinar, Andi will share how families and classrooms can partner to make learning meaningful through the connections that the Genius Hour experience can provide. Learn the process that can be utilized, the skills that should be prioritized, and the outcomes that can be expected as we explore practical ways to make passion-based learning happen at home and at school.”

    Registration for the webinar can be completed here: TAGT Parent Webinar


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      2023 Bond @ SWE

      FBISD's Profile of a Graduate

      • FBISD Profile of a Graduate

        A Fort Bend ISD Graduate has
        a rigorous academic foundation,
        strong character, and is...

        Equipped with Skills for Life ...equipped with skills for life.

        Servant Leader ...a servant leader.

        Effective Communicator effective communicator.

        Critical Thinker ...a critical thinker.

        Compassionate Citizen ...a compassionate citizen.

        Collaborative Team Member ...a collaborative team member.

        Life-long Learner ...a life-long learner.