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  • Grants in Action 

    Students benefit from projects that emphasize new approaches to teaching and innovative programs that stimulate thought and expand the existing curriculum. Teachers benefit because funding is available to subsidize their creative ideas. Our community benefits by having a top-quality educational system that impacts not only the quality of life but also economic development.
    Travis HS
    Travis HS (AGSC):  Sustainable Farming
    The grant provided for a larger plot of land to expand the already existing garden, a trellis to grow vines from, and more seeds so that there could be an even more diverse set of plants. The garden allows students to use their hands and their minds.  The students are able to understand the major health benefits to fresh foods and quality exercise working in the garden beds all while giving them more responsibility and opportunities for growth and leadership in class.  

    Meadows ES
    Meadows ES (Math and Science): Read, Learn, & Create - 3D Printing in the Library
    A 3D printer was added to the library so that students from all grades, ethnicity, and ability could create three dimensional objects to replicate items or to create whatever their minds can imagine.  The 3D printer activities and opportunities have spoken directly to the students by providing “advanced learning opportunities”, and have inspired learning in a collaborative, efficient, and effective learning community.  

    Elkins HS
    Elkins HS (Fashion Design Program): Aligning with College-Level Lab
    With the materials provided, students were able to use light boards to assist in sketching designs as well as use dress forms and industrial sewing machines to construct garments and costumes using professional-level techniques.  With these materials, the students were able to create a career portfolio to take with them to interviews.

    Highlands ES
    Highlands ES (STEM): Equipped to Excel:  Soft Skills+STEM Experiences=Student Success
    Through the materials provided by this grant, students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade received regular instruction on strategies geared toward personal responsibility. The students were also given the opportunity to solve problems, code robots, and learn new skills to help them succeed in the future workforce.

    Missouri City MS
    Missouri City MS (Social Studies):  INTERACTIVE INTELLIGLOBE--GLOBES
    Interactive Intelliglobes provided students with the opportunity to evaluate and critically think about the data of a country to determine its status in the world with current real-world events. 

    Colony Bend ES
    Colony Bend ES (Math and Science):  Access Granted: Learning Behind the Scenes
    This grant allowed students to utilize additional creativity as they applied their knowledge of math and science concepts to create short films, commercials, music videos, news reports, and talk shows.