• Approved Policy Changes to Class Rank – Policy EIC (Local) August 21, 2023

    In accordance with Fort Bend ISD’s Profile of a Graduate, FBISD is committed to developing students with a strong academic foundation, and who are also well-rounded with the life skills that will help them achieve success as members of our ever-changing society.


    Our Board of Trustees values the development of all students’ social and emotional learning and well-being, and the attainment of all seven Profile of a Graduate attributes. With this in mind, the Board has adopted changes to EIC (Local) that will change the way Fort Bend ISD issues transcripts and recognizes student achievement, providing a more comprehensive review of a student’s high school record, beyond the traditional “ranking” system. 


    The Board of Trustees approved the following changes to EIC Local on August 21, 2023
    • Beginning in the fall of the 2023-24 school year, all students in grades 10th, 11th, and 12th grade will receive their rank and quartile according to the timeline below; however, rank and quartile will not be recorded on their transcript. 
      • Sophomores: January of their sophomore year.
      • Juniors: September and January of junior year, and June following junior year. 
      • Seniors: September and January of senior year, and following graduation. 
    • Students in the class of 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 who participate in a Program of Choice or are on an intra-district transfer shall have their rank run with the students at the high school within the attendance boundary in which they reside.
    • Students in the class of 2028 and beyond will be ranked with their campus of attendance.
    • For commencement purposes only, honor rank will be run at the end of the third nine-week grading period of te senior year. The highest ranking student reported to TEA is determined based on the June final rank calculation following graduation. 



Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2024 and Beyond

    • All Valedictorians will have the opportunity to speak at graduation ceremonies at the school they attend  
    • Students in a program of choice – Academies and ECHS & PTECH will walk in graduation with the school they attend 
    • Students in a ECHS and PTECH will wear a stole during graduation 
    • Students in an academy will wear a medal with their academy seal during graduation 
    • Students in ECHS and PTECH will also take part in the Houston Community College (HCC) graduation ceremony for earning their Associates Degree 

EIC Policy Vocabulary

  • Residential Campus

  • Intradistrict Transfer

  • Interdistrict Transfer

  • Programs of Choice

  • Accountability

  • EIC

  • ED

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the new EIC policy regarding rank?

  • What will my transcript look like?

  • How will I receive my rank?

  • How will I know that my rank is available?

  • How will I give colleges and universities a copy of my Rank?

  • How will my counselor provide my rank in online college application platforms?

  • How does this policy affect students in Programs of Choice or those on an Intradistrict Transfer?

  • When will I receive my rank?

  • What do I indicate when the Common App, SchooLinks, or other system asks, how do you rank?

  • What does it mean if my rank document is blank or does not show my rank when posted in portfolio in Skyward?

  • What will the school profile say for high schools in Fort Bend ISD? When will the school profiles be ready

  • Why did we change the EIC Local policy in 2019?

  • What is holistic review?

  • What will a Program of Choice’s transcript look like?

  • How will the changes to EIC affect my student?

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