• Approved Policy Changes to Class Rank – Policy EIC (Local)

    In accordance with Fort Bend ISD’s Profile of a Graduate, FBISD is committed to developing students with a strong academic foundation, and who are also well-rounded with the life skills that will help them achieve success as members of our ever-changing society.


    Our Board of Trustees values the development of all students’ social and emotional learning and well-being, and the attainment of all seven Profile of a Graduate attributes. With this in mind, the Board has adopted changes to EIC (Local) that will change the way Fort Bend ISD issues transcripts and recognizes student achievement, providing a more comprehensive review of a student’s high school record, beyond the traditional “ranking” system. 


    View the EIC (LOCAL) Policy regarding Class Rank


    Watch this video message from Superintendent Dr. Charles Dupre.



    Checking in with Charles - 12.10.19

EIC Policy Vocabulary

  • Residential Campus

  • Intradistrict Transfer

  • Interdistrict Transfer

  • Programs of Choice

  • Accountability

  • EIC

  • ED

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why are there changes to EIC Local?

  • How will the changes to EIC affect my student?

  • Will this affect current high school students?

  • What method does FBISD use for reporting class rank? Is this changing?

  • Are weighted courses and unweighted courses included in the class rank calculation?

  • When will Juniors and Seniors receive their class rank if in the top ten percent?

  • How do the EIC Local policy changes affect a student in a Program of Choice, such as academies?

  • Does this also affect accountability?

  • How does this affect my class rank if I'm enrolled in a Program of Choice, or if I am a high school student on an intradistrict transfer?

  • What campus will a student graduate from, if they attend a program of choice?

  • Will students applying to Programs of Choice receive information prior to accepting?

  • How will this affect the valedictorian and salutatorian of a graduating class? Will they still speak at graduation, and if so, during what ceremony?

  • If my child is considering application to a Program of Choice, does this policy change negativity affect them?

  • How does EIC Local affect Academic Excellence awards?

  • Are academy courses available at all FBISD high schools?