Attendance Boundary Planning

  • As a large and growing school district, Fort Bend ISD will be engaging with the community to review attendance boundaries aligned with recommendations that resulted from the 2018 Facilities Master Planning process, and projects included in the 2018 Bond Program approved by voters in November.

    Areas to be addressed in the fall of 2018 for implementation in the 2019-20 school year include:

    • Boundaries associated with the opening of Elementary 51 in the northwest area of the District. The following attendance boundaries and their feeder patterns will be reviewed: Holley, Lakeview, Madden, Neill, Oakland, Oyster Creek, Patterson, Pecan Grove, and Walker Station Elementary Schools.
    • Boundaries associated with the over-utilization at Commonwealth Elementary, which includes potential adjustments due to either the construction of Elementary 53 or classroom additions at Austin Parkway Elementary, Settlers Way Elementary and Commonwealth Elementary. In tandem with the work to relieve over-utilization at CWE, FBISD will review the attendance boundaries for First Colony and Fort Settlement Middle Schools to align feeder patterns with potential elementary boundary adjustments and balance enrollment at both middle schools.  Schools to be reviewed: Austin Parkway, Colony Bend, Colony Meadows, Commonwealth, Settlers Way, and Sullivan Elementary Schools, as well as First Colony Middle School and Fort Settlement Middle School.
    • Boundaries associated with balancing high school enrollment in the southeast portion of the District: Schools to be reviewed: Elkins, Hightower, Marshall, Ridge Point, and Willowridge High Schools.


    Community Engagement – Focus Groups and Community Meetings Planned

    Fort Bend ISD is committed to engaging with the communities that may be impacted by attendance boundary changes, and is currently accepting applications for Focus Group participation. These focus groups will mark the beginning of the boundary planning process, to be followed by community meetings in the month of December.

    How do I apply to participate in focus groups?

    The District is accepting applications for Focus Group participation through November 15, 2018 at noon.  The purpose of each focus group will be to examine data and provide input for staff to refine boundary options to share with the community for feedback ultimately resulting in boundary recommendations for Board consideration.  Community members selected to serve on a focus group will be notified by Wednesday, November 21st because Focus Group meetings will occur during the week of November 26. 

    Applications can be submitted online:

    How will focus group participants be selected?

    Fifteen - 20 participants will be selected for each focus group.  Staff will evaluate each application against objective criteria obtained through the application process.  Should more than 15-20 applicants meet the minimum qualifications, the top 15-20 scoring applicants who represent the attendance boundary will be selected for each focus group.  Should there be a tie in the top scoring applicants, a lottery system will be instituted to randomly select qualified participants from each attendance area.  If we do not receive applications that represent a specific area or if we get less than the desired 15-20 that meet minimum qualifications, we will take additional steps to reach out to the community to obtain participants from each attendance area that could be impacted by a boundary change.


    Next Steps


    In December the District will host community information sessions and post an online survey for feedback on proposed boundary options. The Administration will consider feedback from the focus groups and the community to refine boundary options and make final recommendations to the Board of Trustees for consideration during the spring semester. 


    December Community Meetings

    • December 11 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Marshall High School
    • December 12 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Travis High School
    • December 13 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Elkins High School


    If you have any questions please submit them through our Let's Talk feature on the website. We are looking forward to engaging with the community during this important work.


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