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    Emory Liu is a senior at the Dulles High School Math and Science Academy. To cultivate his passion for the arts, Emory is a dedicated member and section leader of his school's Varsity Mixed Choir and Varsity Men's Choir, and he is the fourth chair for the Bass 2 section of the TMEA Region Choir. In addition, Emory works as a freelance designer and has created pieces ranging from wedding invitations to social media graphics. Emory is an AP Scholar with Distinction and participates in various clubs and organizations centered around volunteerism and healthcare. Emory plans to major in Chemistry or Psychology at Texas A&M in hopes of becoming a pediatric psychiatrist in the future. Through the GT Mentorship program, Emory has been able to learn the fundamentals of graphic design and typography and more about the intersection between graphic design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing from RegexSEO. He is thankful to this program for providing him the unique opportunity to develop professional skills and work with Mr. Servando Sanchez, his mentor whom he now considers a lifelong friend. 

    “Good designers borrow; great designers steal.” - Servando Sanchez

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    Like all great innovation, our company started as a response to a problem. In the digital marketing industry, pre-packaged plans, over-promised sales, and under-delivered results became the norm. Sick of the absent clarity and bad work, we decided to start our own company. The same thirst for honest, personal work that sparked our company’s start is what we bring to clients every day.


    Project Abstract


    Every day, consumers unknowingly fall victim to the marketing techniques used by companies to persuade our subconscious to take the wheel when making purchases. Research has established the significance of branding elements--colors, product imagery, typography, and material--in influencing consumer purchasing behavior. This study aims to further establish the subliminal connection between branding and consumerism by analyzing how elements of branding affect the perceived cost of chocolate and, by extension, consumer purchasing decisions. For the purpose of this study, branding is composed of the following three elements: typography, colors, and product imagery. A Google Forms survey was distributed to 15 respondents who were asked to estimate the cost of two milk chocolates and support their estimate using the branding in the packaging. The results indicate that a positive association exists between the perceived cost of chocolate and the packaging of the chocolate. The more expensive chocolate was correctly identified by all respondents as a result of the use of sans serif versus serif fonts, more ambiguous colors versus a single, primary color, and more intricate versus simple product imagery.