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    High School

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    Zaid is a student at Elkins High School and an attendee of the Engineering Academy. For all four years, he played on the tennis team and was a member of the Science National Honor Society. He volunteered at the Telfair Museum of Natural Science, where he helped educate customers about the natural sciences. He was mentored at PBK, an architecture firm, where he learned about Civil Engineering and its many facets. In his mentorship, he was able to work on sports fields and school infrastructures. He learned a lot about the intricacies of Civil Engineering, which helped him paint a picture for his future career. He intends on attending the Colorado School of Mines, where he plans on majoring in Civil Engineering, gaining new experiences, and meeting new people.  

    New days mean new opportunities for new skills to learn.

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    Trace Cryer


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    Project Abstract


    The cultivation of many people’s passions for the sports begins in their middle and high school years, which for some may include a love for tennis, a sport that is widely played throughout the Houston area. However, tennis courts in schools across Houston are often in terrible shape. The aim of this study was to use satellite data to determine if the topography of a tennis court in a neighborhood in New Territory was built to facilitate proper water outflow. This technique was also applied to the courts of Elkins High School, where it was determined that tennis courts were being neglected in their construction leading to an overall negative impact in the community.