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    Rakib Momin attends Austin High School. He participated in extracurricular activities such as the National Honor Society and DECA, where he competed in business competitions and qualified for Nationals. During his mentorship at Dhanani Private Equity Group, he learned about different aspects of the real estate development market, investment industry, and contributed to processes such as accounting and reconciliation. After graduation, he plans to study a double major in finance and business honors. 

    If you follow your dreams, you are capable of anything.

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    Here at Dhanani Private Equity Group, we believe in the core principle of building wealth for our investors. No frills. No fluff. Just returns. Wealth creation is an art that can be achieved by providing investors with the opportunity to access partnership in projects that yield maximum returns, while maintaining income producing assets for a mutually beneficial relationship The idea is for us to help you solidify your foundation and secure your future, one investment at a time for sustainable financial success.


    Project Abstract


    This study investigates the correlation between location-based factors and the distribution of gas station/C-stores in Houston MSA. The focus of the study was to determine, from an investor’s point of view, the best place to locate a gas station/C-store, using longevity as a proxy for financial success, based on a novel application of Survivorship Bias. Data was collected on these three variables using the Google Maps suite of tools as well as data from the Office of Management and Budget and the Census. The subjects in the study were located and selected based on location within the Houston MSA, and being in business for 5 years, to verify that the data set accurately reflected longevity. The study found that there was no correlation in the cases of proximity to a popular destination or income census tract, but there was a strong correlation in the case of proximity to a major highway.