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    High School

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    Jacob Rollins is a student at Travis High school. At Travis, he was a four-year captain of the lacrosse team and member of National Beta club and English Honor society. As a part of his GT Mentorship through Kubala Engineers, he learned the many facets of structural engineering. From walking sites to look for structural inconsistencies, to using software to calculate beam analysis, to collaborating in an office to solve problems. The mentorship provided Jacob the opportunity to have real world experience in the engineering world. In the future, Jacob hopes to use the valuable insight gained in the mentorship to set himself up for a career in engineering. Next fall, he will be attending The University of Texas at Austin to study as an aerospace major. In the future, he hopes to serve in the military as a commissioned officer and eventually design both aircraft and spacecraft for the military.  

    “No amount of money ever bought a second of time”- Howard Stark

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    John Kubala


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    John Kubala has more than 15 years of experience and background knowledge in the engineering, design, and construction industries. His experience covers health facilities, entertainment, sports, restaurants, retail, corporate and government office buildings, educational and religious facilities, and industrial buildings. He manages and designs projects from schematic design to completion, creates working drawings, performs site visits and evaluates existing structures.


    Project Abstract


    The world is faced with increasing climate concerns relating to construction. The purpose of the research review was to examine the state of sustainability in construction through an emerging material known as cross laminated timber or CLT. Through cross referencing and compilation of different studies relating to the field, a consensus relating to all factors of the material were created. The review consisted of numerous studies relating to both the upcoming approved building codes and literature about the upcoming opportunities provided. After establishing the improvements made recently in the field, I transitioned to the shortcomings and steps necessary to obtain a marketplace where CLT is commonplace. Finally, the processes I participated in during my mentorship and their applications are discussed towards a future career outline.