• Sima Dib,

    Ridge Point High School

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    Sima currently attends Ridge Point High School, where she partakes in many extracurricular activities. She plays for the Ridge Point Varsity Tennis Team. She is currently the secretary of Mu Alpha Theta: Math Honor Society. She is also involved in the Science National Honor Society and the Science UIL Team. She speaks Arabic, English, Spanish, and French. Sima has received Academic Excellence awards, the AP Scholar with Honor Award. She participated in the Duke TIP summer eStudies program for 4 years. Outside of school, Sima has been playing piano from a very young age, spreading her love of music through concerts and performances. Last year, she was the secretary of the Maronite Youth Organization, and now serves as its president. She was also a captain altar server, a member of the youth choir and band, and an Arabic teaching assistant. Sima was mentored at the Methodist Research Institute. The mentorship was very rewarding for her, as she learned more about the field of biomedical engineering, specifically regarding space travel and nanotechnology. She is thankful to her mentors for providing her this positive experience, from which she will take a great deal of knowledge and skills and apply them to her future career. In the fall, Sima plans on attending Texas A&M University, where she is hoping to double major in biomedical and aerospace engineering, with a minor in Spanish. In the future, Sima would like to work on designing and developing biomedical equipment to be used in the space travel industry. 

     "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." -JK Rowling

  • Mentors

    Nelson Hawkins, Jr.

    Dwanna Jones

    Manuela Sushnitha


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    In recent years, nanotechnology has been increasingly researched and used. It is a rapidly expanding research area with huge potential in many sectors, from healthcare to electronics. It seems even more promising in medicine, where it can revolutionize the delivery of drugs, gene therapy, diagnostics, and research in clinical applications. This presentation will discuss liposomes, a type of nanoparticle, and how they are being used in medicine, from cancer treatment to the COVID-19 vaccine. This presentation will also propose a new, alternative treatment method for hypoglycemia, from which many individuals suffer from