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    Abed attends Kempner High School and is involved with the National Honor Society, Muslim Student Association, and Spanish National Honor Society. Outside of school, Abed likes to play basketball and enjoys volunteering at the mosque to give back to the community, as well as learning about business in his free time. Abed is an officer for the Muslim Student Association, and has received the AP Scholar Award as well. Throughout his mentorship experience with Bridgeway, Abed has adopted many skills, such as portfolio management, marketing strategies, and hands-on experiences with the investment team to learn about how to strategize and benefit from the stock market. He plans to major in either in finance or management information systems at the University of Houston to strive for a career in business.

    It does not matter how long you live, but how well you do it.

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    Devin Benton, Melissa Garrison, Kendra Adams, Von Celestine, Dick Cancelmo, Sharon Lester, Elena Khoziaeva, Letty Wanzong, Geoff Crumrine


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    By fostering a culture that is purposefully focused on our clients, we continuously work to optimize our operating efficiency to minimize costs and sustain a workplace environment that brings out the best in our Partners and leads to positive impact for humanity. At Bridgeway, we believe that a disciplined, statistical process — grounded in academic theory and fundamental data over long periods of time — drives success in long-term investing. By remaining true to our beliefs, we strive to minimize surprises and consistently deliver results that are aligned with our expectations, and yours.


    Project Abstract


    Right now, investing has attracted younger people than ever before. Many people are putting their money into “hype stocks,” or stocks in which the share price has been driven up by factors such as social media hype, speculation, or the fear of missing out. This has been a major problem due to a lack of financial knowledge. People who want to join in on the “hype stocks” often do so because they don’t want to feel left out, and they think they could end up potentially losing their money if they join in too late. This is essentially why the SEC (Securities and Exchange Committee)exists: to oversee these events and make sure they are in compliance with the rules. 

    My study focuses on the analysis of my mentor business, Bridgeway Capital Management, as well as extensive research on Value versus Growth stocks in order to find the distinctions and similarities between the two.