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    The Fort Bend ISD Gifted and Talented Mentorship program is a graded, for-credit course that provides high school seniors both independent research and mentorship opportunities in order to explore a field of interest more thoroughly.  These students work alongside a professional to expand their understanding of their field of interest. Current high school juniors identified for gifted and talented services in Fort Bend ISD are eligible to apply for GT Mentorship for the following academic year (senior year).

    Program Overview

    • Students must attend a seminar class during the first semester on two instructor-designated days during the week. Seminar classes will be held in the afternoons at various campus/FBISD buildings in the district. Seminar content will include professional communication skills, guest speakers, mock interviews, and possible field trips in Fort Bend and surrounding areas.  Students will be required to bring their own devices to each seminar class.
    • The mentorship/field experience during the second semester requires students to meet with their professional mentor at least five hours per week at the mentor’s work site. Students must provide their own transportation and will be responsible for field reports to the GT Mentorship instructor. Periodic class meetings will also take place during this semester.  Seniors must be eligible to take an off-campus period at the end of the day in order to get to their mentorship site.
    • Students are expected to take an active role in securing a mentor, but the Mentorship instructor will reach out to all available resources and networks on the students’ behalf as well.

    Student Objectives

    • Develop the skills necessary to succeed in a professional setting.
    • Conduct research to uncover the complexities and choices within their chosen field of study.
    • Become involved in hands-on participation at the mentor site to the extent the mentor deems appropriate.
    • Plan, complete, and present an in-depth final project which reflects expanded knowledge and experience in the field of study.



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