Rene Leal, Travis High School

  • Student Bio

    Rene is attending UT Dallas in the fall as an undergrad Neurology major. He hopes to be swinging into a related track of medicine after completing his undergraduate degree while continuing some kind of capacity to research while studying.

    Regarding Mentorship, Rene is proud to have been part of the program, as he has met many new friends who have pushed him along the way and really given him confidence in humanity that some people actually want to make a change in the world. As to his own in-field experience, he is very proud to have met Dr. Baltazar and for the first time understand pressing issues in the modern world of medicine outside of academia. He appreciated Dr. Balazar’s willingness to give just straight facts. Though definitely out of his depth of knowledge, it was a great experience and even better chance at understanding the problems of tomorrow that he can be ready for.

  • Mentor 


    Ulises Baltazar,



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    From Dr. Balthazar:

    For the past 10 years, my goal has been, and continues to be, to provide a comprehensive approach to the management of venous disease. Every patient is unique and has different needs. When there is improvement in patients with large painful varicose veins, venous stasis ulcers or painful swollen legs, then that is the best reward that I can have.


    Dr. Ulises Baltazar

  • Project Abstract

    The interconnectivity of the world and its ecologies are, at the moment, the most readily accessible and vulnerable to each other as they can possibly be. This, coupled with the lack of a unified government, will not bring to action a plan of proactive screening and preventative healthcare measures. The world must ask,  "What’s next?"

    This presentation will focus on the anti-viral drugs market, its decline in effectiveness in combating newly-forming anti-viral resistant superbugs, and the effects of a declining ability to combat the spread of bacteria/disease in a near future.

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