Anthony Pierson, Travis High School

  • Student Bio

    Anthony is a member of his school’s Computer Science UIL team and has volunteered with National Music Honor Society to guide beginner orchestra students towards the path to success.

    Through the GT Mentorship program, he mentored with Mr. Michael Hunt at a local software company called NITCO in Katy, Texas, which is focused on automating business and manufacturing tasks using a Cloud Platform, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Labor and Artificial Intelligence. He worked with Mr. Hunt to learn extensive web development knowledge, and researched the macro effects of real world events on the digital world.

    In fall of 2020, Anthony is planning to attend Texas A&M University College of Engineering and major in Computer Science. His dream is to develop unique neural network architectures that use unconventional methods and ideas to outperform traditional architectures.

  • Mentor Business


    Nitco, Inc.

    Nitco logo



    Michael Hunt


    NITCO Inc., is a technology services company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a global footprint. Its team of business analysts, developers and engineers have expertise in RPA, AI, ML, Cloud Services, App Development & Integration, Infrastructure designs and implementation. The foundation of the leadership team is technical expertise with diverse industries, a winning combination that keeps us focused on client success throughout the digital transformation process.

    Nitco, Inc.

  • Project Abstract

    A well-connected population is essential to maintaining a healthy economy. The digital divide is “the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.” This digital divide is particularly stark between rural and urban groups, as well as between lower-income and higher-income groups. It provides a barrier to economic mobility, and and makes basic needs like filing taxes or checking bank balances much more difficult. In early 2020, many stay-at-home orders were mandated, as well as work-from-home orders for those who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs during the crisis. However, this at-home activity requires both computers and an Internet connection, which exacerbates the issues associated with the digital divide. It is important to understand how COVID-19 impacts this population, as well as the steps that are being taken to mitigate the digital divide. 


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