• 2nd grade evaluation timeline

  • The 2nd grade cognitive abilities test is a universal screener, meaning all students in the grade level will be administered the CogAT 7 in the fall semester.  


    Individual student data will:

    • guide efforts to adapt instruction to meet the needs and abilities of all students,
    • provide valuable insight into the student’s cognitive (brain) development,


    Even though all students are administered the CogAT 7, parents who wish to have their student evaluated for gifted and talented services must refer their student through the fall referral window on the GT Home Page.



    • The online referral window will be available beginning August 17, 2020, on the GT Home Page.
    • To submit a referral, the parent/guardian must use the online referral window. 
    • Referrals must be submitted online by the September 30, 2020 deadline. Exceptions will not be made.


    • The cognitive abilities test used is the CogAT 7. Subtests administered are Non-Verbal, Verbal, and Quantitative.
    • The testing window is November 9 - November 20, 2020. These dates are subject to change due to the impact of COVID-19 technology distribution.
    • Students test during school hours. 
    • Teachers must complete a School Rating Scale (SIGS) for referred students.
    • Parents are asked to complete a Home Rating Scale (SIGS) provided by the campus GT counselor between January 6 - January 21, 2021

    Identification Process

    • Assessment scores, School Rating Scale, and Home Rating Scale (SIGS) scores are plotted on the Gifted and Talented Identification Profile. 
    • The Campus Selection Committee convenes to review results and verify accurate student profiles.
    • All student profiles are verified by District GT staff.
    • Students who are identified typically meet the following criteria:
      • Non-Verbal test score in gifted/high ability range AND;
      • Verbal OR Quantitative score in gifted/high ability range.
      • Rating scales do not keep students from being identified.
      • Rating scales serve the purpose of providing additional information for students with at least one test score in range.
    • All members of the Campus Selection Committee have been trained in gifted education and specifically in identifying students needs for the education services provided by the FBISD GT Program.
    • Students are identified for services in specific content areas, English Langauge Arts and Social Studies and/or Math and Science.


    • Parents are notified in writing of the Campus Selection Committee's decision.
    • Notification letters will be sent home in late February, 2021.
    • Parents are advised of their right to appeal and the process for doing so.


    • Parents must appeal using the appeal application located in Skyward within ten school days, as indicated on the notification letter.
    • Appeals meetings take place on the campus, and the parent is invited to attend and speak to the committee.
    • The Campus Appeals Committee responds with its decision in writing within ten school days of the meeting.