• The recruitment of mentors for the class of 2022 is underway!

    Mentor names and companies will be added here as they come on board.


    Welcome back, Dr. Daniel Nwachokor and Community Health and Life Center!  Dr. Nwachokor is a returning mentor from the class of 2021, and he will be mentoring a Hightower High School Medical Sciences Academy senior!

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    Another welcome back to return mentors Mandi Kimball and Gretchen Himsl with Children At Risk!  Ms. Kimball and Ms. Himsl will continue to provide strong experiences and learning to one of our Clements High school seniors! 


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    After a year away due to COVID, we are thrilled to welcome back Rene' Cannavo and team with Houston Federal Credit Union!  One of our Dulles High School seniors will have an outstanding mentorship with them!



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