• GT Transfer Evaluation

  • Students eligible for GT Transfer evaluation
    • New FBISD enrollees coming from a public school district AND
    • Identified for GT services in the previous district
    • Home school and private school students are not eligible for GT transfers.

    Documentation of Service

    • The documentation of previous GT service will serve as the GT referral for the student. Documentation may include:
      • notification of GT services addressed to parents on previous district's letterhead
      • evaluation matrix indicating a decision to provide GT service
      • accountability record from state database indicating GT services were being provided
    • E-mail from a previous teacher is not considered formal documentation and cannot be accepted as proof of GT service.
    • While GT service records arrive on campus through the Permanent Record folder transfer from the previous district, it can take several weeks for these records to be sent and received, especially during heavy enrollment times.  It is strongly recommended that the parent provide this documentation upon enrollment in order to expedite the record review process. 

    Record Review

    • Documents will be reviewed by the Gifted and Talented central office staff.
    • Only testing measures that are equivalent to those used in Fort Bend ISD will be considered for identification for gifted services.
      • Fort Bend ISD uses the subtests of Nonverbal, Verbal, and Quantitative abilities from the CogAT.
      • Achievement scores are not equivalent measures and will not be considered for identification.

    Identification Process

    • Scores from the previous district are plotted on the Gifted and Talented Transfer Profile, and are determined to be either equivalent or non- equivalent measures.
    • The Campus Selection Committee convenes to make identification decisions based on the GT Transfer Profile returned to the campus from the GT central office.
    • Students who are identified typically meet the following criteria:
      • Non-Verbal test score in gifted/high ability range AND;
      • Verbal OR Quantitative score in gifted/high ability range.
    • All members of the Campus Selection Committee have been trained in gifted education, specifically in identifying students needs for the education services provided by the FBISD GT Program.
    • Students are identified for services in specific content areas: English Langauge Arts and Social Studies and/or Math and Science.
    • GT Transfer students not identified for gifted services through the records review process will be eligible for evaluation during the next open evaluation window.


    • Parents are notified in writing of the Campus Selection Committee's decision.
    • Notification letters are either sent home with the student or e-mailed to the parent upon the Campus Selection Committee's determination.