• Screen-Free Learning Resources

    How about a creative break that does not require a tablet or phone?  Below are some "screen-free" options!


    Create a family holiday - Using craft supplies or household items, create decorations, identify colors, choose a date, and explain the family values celebrated by the holiday. Do not forget to name your holiday and mark it on your calendar! You can even create a holiday song for singing only at this special time of year! 

    Collection sort – Choose a collection you have a home (stuffed animals, Hot Wheels, Lego, dolls, buttons, etc.) and sort it in as many ways as you can (color, size, etc.) See if you can have your family guess how the collection is sorted 

    Rainy Day Recess – Start with at least two pairs of socks rolled into balls and a large container like a hamper or laundry basket. What type of indoor game can you make up? What are the rules? How can it scored? How many players on a team? What will you name it? Let your imagination run wild, and maybe you will invent the next BEST indoor recess game that every person in your class will want to play! 

    Mailbox – Using cardboard (from food boxes, mail deliveries, or other kind of box, build a full size mailbox for your room or play area! Write letters or draw pictures to send to your family (they can each make a mailbox, too!), and ask them to write you back! Be sure to put a flag on your mailbox so you know when you have mail waiting for you! 

    Solve My Puzzle – Create a physical puzzle using craft supplies or household items that requires a solution or solutions.  Is it a pattern? Is it a maze? Does it involve pictures? Is it a riddle? Are there clues? Do not forget to name your puzzle and create rules or directions if necessary.  Can you stump your family members? 

    Post Office Time Machine– Create a post office in your home that serves as a time machine to the past.  Write to historical figures that have been involved in events that you would change.  Instead of telling them why you would not make the decisions they made, create an informational letter that would convince them to act in a different manner.  Justify your course of action then create and describe an alternate future based on the new events.  Tell them how it would affect your life. Find a way to show these figures by sending packages through the Post Office Time Machine! 

    Germ Free Olympics – Using only items in your home, develop a set of competitions that are germ free.  Analyze how a competition can take place without a transfer of germs.  Devise a scoring system, names for your games, rules, and judges.  How many germ-free competitions can you invent AND who will win the gold?