• General Information Regarding Evaluation

    The tests administered for the identification of gifted and talented services measure students' abilities in comparison to others of their same age and/or grade level.  Abilities tests are designed to test potential and be independent of direct teaching of content.  The tests administered by Fort Bend ISD are nationally recognized in the educational community and have strong statistical merit.


    Evaluation Windows

    Evaluation takes place throughout the school year, but windows have been established for specific groups of students in order to evaluate students in the most efficient manner possible. The graphic above gives an overview of the time of year and the eligibility of students for each window.  You may get more detailed information on any of the windows by clicking on the corresponding evaluation tabs to the left.


    Referral Process

    During the time that a student is eligible for evaluation, a parent or staff member may refer a student through the referral application on the GT Home Page.