We are happy to offer video recordings and PowerPoint handouts for many of the sessions offered in the 2021-22 Symposium.  Each session listed below is followed by its video (if available) and a link to its handout (click on the PowerPoint following the title of each presentation). 

  • Break Out Sessions

  • The GT Parent Symposium Keynote Presentation (Video and  PowerPoint Available)

    "There are 2E's in CrEativE: Attention Divergent Hyperactive Giftedness"

    presented by Dr. C. Matthew Fugate, UHD Assistant Professor


    During this session, Dr. Fugate discusses how to increase the understanding of the importance of creativity in education for both the individual and society as a whole, in order to nurture creativity in the classroom.

  • The Emotional Well Being of Your GT Child with Tina Ojo (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    This session focuses on what to look for in GT children to support them emotionally when noticing a change in their behavior.





    ADHD, Executive Functioning and GT: How to Drive a Race Car When the Steering Wheel Doesn't Work with Kristen Kassaw (Video and PowerPoint  Available)

    This session focuses on providing parents with survival skills for supporting a child who is both gifted and living with ADHD.





    Supporting Disintegrating Students with Kamilah Holmes (Video and  PowerPoint Available)

    All GT students are different, and navigating the uniqueness of each individual GT student in your home can be challenging. Come join the conversation. 




  • Nurturing Your Gifted Child at Home with Muge Simek (Video and  PowerPoint Available)

    This session will provide tips to nurture your child's gifted abilities and talents at home.







    Can My Child Have Dyslexia Too? with Wendy Penning (Video and  PowerPoint Available)

    This session explores the signs and characteristics that can be present when a GT child has dyslexia or another learning ability, and what you   can do as a parent to advocate for your child.