We are happy to offer video recordings and PowerPoint handouts for many of the sessions offered in the 2020-21 Symposium.  Each session listed below is followed by its video (if available) and a link to its handout (click on the PowerPoint following the title of each presentation). 

  • Break Out Sessions

  • The GT Parent Symposium Keynote Presentation 

    "Developing Growth Mindset to Battle Perfectionism"

    presented by Daivd Sebek


    Mr. Sebek shared practical and usable strategies parents can use to maximize their child's potential, develop a positive learning mindset, and help them give their best to the world. After this 60 minute presentation, parents will come away with techniques to help their student reduce learning frustrations, handle setbacks/grade disappointment, and approach learning new things in a way that will carry them through life’s challenges.


    Based on the contractual agreement, the recording of Mr. Sebek’s session was available for FBISD parent’s viewing only until June 3, 2021. 

  • The State of the FBISD GT Department with Dr. Laurie Westphal (Video and PowerPoint Available)






    Gifted and Gay: When GT Meets LGBT with Pippa Day (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    What happens when your gifted child is also LGBT? Does their giftedness affect how they see their sexuality? Do their intensities influence their coming-out process? Discuss these questions and more as a fellow parent (who is also a school counselor) talks frankly about her journey with her GT/LGBT child





    Holistic Admissions and the College Search with Jigisha Doshi (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    What does holistic mean in college admissions? Most people assume college admissions are just based on grades and SAT scores. These two numbers are only among many factors considered in admissions. In this session, we will talk about what holistic admissions mean and how can students start their college search.





    Parenting Multiple GT Students in the Same Home with Wendy Pennings (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    All GT students are different, and navigating the uniqueness of each individual GT student in your home can be challenging. Come join the conversation. 






    Mindfulness & Neuroscience for Mental Wellness with Anita Thomas and Katie Austin (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    Can we train our brains to improve our mental and  physical  health?  The  concept  of  changing  behavior through mindfulness is not a new one. Research says that mindfulness techniques to calm the mind and body can help reduce the negative effects of stress and increase our students’ ability to stay focused and avoid behavior problems. This seminar will explore a few practical strategies and tips to help incorporate mindfulness into our students' daily routines. It will also connect the practical strategies to understand how the brain works and adapts during these activities for sustained change. 


  • The Myths and Truths about the GT Academy with Cathy Nguyen, and Nehal Dave (PowerPoint Available)

    During this session, we will list a few myths and truths in regards to projects, homework, admissions, clubs, and work/life balance involving FBISD's middle school GT Academy. We will then give an opportunity to ask questions.


    Organization Tips for the Secondary Student with Bindu Chacko (PowerPoint Available)

    James Baker, President George H.W. Bush's former Chief of Staff, once said “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance." Come learn multiple organizational skills that could help your secondary student at home and in school.



    Parenting GT Students with Compassion through Modeling with Bindu Chacko (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    Compassion is a critical character quality for everyone in our society. The best way to instill this in our children is through modeling it in our own lives and exposing young people to different situations. Let us explore how to do this together. 






    How to Help Your Elementary Student Advocate for Themselves with Kim Hibsch (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    In this session, I want to help parents realize that even elementary kids can advocate for themselves with teachers. Helping a kid learn the best way to communicate and express what they need will serve them both immediately and long term.




    Personalities Strength Finders with Amit Kumar (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    There is nothing wrong with being aware of our weaknesses and managing them, but our greatest opportunity for success lies in building on our natural talents and strengths. 






    Virtualization of the World with Amit Kumar and Tosin Fasidi (Video and PowerPoint Available)

    Come learn how virtualization impacts our day to day life and the lives of our students.



    Parenting a Twice-Exceptional Learner with Kristin Kassaw (Video Available)

    Research suggests approximately 6% of gifted children also have a learning disability and are referred to as "twice -exceptional". Twice-exceptional learners have unique needs academically, socially, and emotionally. This discussion focuses on the identification and support of 2E children.


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