Student Password Information

  • Students are encouraged to test their login credentials to ensure a smooth first day of school. 

    Having trouble? Contact the campus ADA, Data Entry Clerk or Registrar for assistance.

Student Password

  • To obtain your username and password, please go to the appropriate grade level section below.

    Instructions for Students:

    Student Password Information for Students (Returning 7th thru 12th graders)

    Returning 7th thru 12th graders use your last year’s username and password.  If you are having trouble signing in with your previous username and password, follow the instructions below:

    1. Click here if you have forgotten your username or password. If you have not set your challenge questions you will not be able to reset your password.
    2. Click here if you would like to update your password and Challenge Questions & Answers.
    3. Click here if you would like to update your Expired Student Account Password.
    4. If you are still having trouble signing in go to Trouble Signing In section.

    Student Password Information for Students (EE thru 6th and all students new to Fort Bend ISD)

    Parents/Guardians will need to assist students by following the instructions stated in the section Student Password Information for Parents.

    Instructions for Parents/Guardians:

    Student Password Information for Parents (Guardian On Record Login ID and Password Required)

    Parents please follow the instructions below to obtain the Student password Information as soon as possible allowing you some time to help prepare our students for their start of school. Please use the Login ID and Password of the Guardian on record to sign in.

    Click here for Grades EE thru 6th and all new students 7th thru 12th grades

    Trouble Signing In 

    In the event your student is having trouble signing in with the provided password information, you have the following options: 

    1. Self-help: Your password may have expired, follow these steps and reset your own password. (Recommended)
    2. Contact Campus:  Teacher, Librarian, ADA or Data Clerk for assistance. 

    Please ensure the following information is readily available when contacting your campus or the Student Support Center: 

    1. Student ID #
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Home Address
    4. Parent Name (Guardian on record)
    5. Parent Phone number (Guardian on record)