FBISD Pilots A/B Block Scheduling at Three High Schools

  • All Other High Schools and All Middle Schools to Follow Seven-Period Schedule for 2021-22 School Year


    An A/B Block Scheduling Pilot is being implemented at Hightower High School (HHS), Marshall High School (MHS), and Willowridge High School (WHS) during the 2021-22 school year. Students attending these campuses will have the opportunity to take eight credit bearing classes based on student needs. (Note: A credit bearing course is a course placed in a student’s schedule that offers credit that appears on a student’s transcript.)

    Course options will include opportunities for intervention, enrichment, course work to support specialized programming, and extensions of courses, such as Fine Arts and Athletics.

    An A/B block schedule divides an eight-period day over two school days, creating an “A Day,” during which students attend periods 1, 2, 3, and 4, and an alternating “B Day,” during which students attend periods 5, 6, 7, and 8.

    Block scheduling has been shown, in some cases, to reduce student anxiety by virtue of smaller number of periods in the school day and extended time to delve into learning and collaborative opportunities.

    An additional benefit to block scheduling is that it provides more time for teachers to participate in high performing professional learning communities to increase alignment and effectiveness in instruction and development of targeted intervention and enrichment strategies.

    FBISD will evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot, along with the needs of each campus, to determine the type of schedule that best meets the needs of each campus moving forward. For additional details, review the A/B Block Scheduling Pilot FAQ.

    For the 21-22 school year, all other FBISD high schools and all FBISD middle schools will follow a seven-period schedule.

    GPA/Class Rank for Students Attending FBISD Programs of Choice

    Families who have students participating in FBISD Programs of Choice (i.e., Early College High School, P-TECH, and high school academies) and intra-District transfer students at one of the A/B Block Pilot campuses may have questions regarding class rank. As referenced in FBISD policy EIC (Local), beginning with the class of 2024, students in a Program of Choice and intra-District transfer students shall be ranked with the students at the high school within the attendance boundary in which they reside (i.e., their zoned campus). Related questions should be directed to high school campus counselors.

A/B Block Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Parents

  • If a student needs intervention, what does that look like in an A/B block?

  • Which schools are participating in the A/B block scheduling pilot?

  • If the A/B block is so beneficial for students, why aren’t all schools using this type of schedule for the 21-22 school year?

  • What does the A/B block schedule look like in practice? What is a typical day like for a high school student on an A/B block?

  • If a student needs intervention, what does that look like in an A/B block?

  • If a student needs enrichment, what does that look like in an A/B block?

  • How will students use the eighth course?

  • How is a student’s GPA impacted by A/B block scheduling?

  • How is a student’s GPA and class rank impacted by A/B block scheduling as it relates to the following scenarios: (1) students zoned to HHS, MHS, and WHS, (2) ECHS and P-TECH, (3) Academies, and (4) Intra-District Transfer Students?

  • How will the effectiveness of A/B block scheduling be evaluated?

  • If results are favorable, will FBISD plan to expand the A/B block concept to additional campuses? Is it known if expansion would be phased?