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    Summer 2017 Announcement: Fort Bend ISD moves forward on innovative plan to hire highly-qualified teachers to fill vacancies in World Languages. To learn more, please read this District of Innovation update.

    As FBISD considers and develops other plans related to the Local Innovation Plan, updates will be posted on this webpage. Questions? Please visit “Let’s Talk.”

    Please note: While Let’s Talk will be closed until August 1, questions related to DOI using the link above will still be forwarded to the appropriate contact.


    In an effort to personalize Fort Bend ISD’s approach to student learning, the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to pursue a District of Innovation Designation following a public hearing on November 14. Following the November 14 action and in accordance with rules established by the Texas Education Agency, a Local Innovation Committee was established to explore creative and innovative ways the District can better meet student needs. Prior to the Board’s action, both FBISD administrators and trustees stressed that the committee, made up of various stakeholders, would drive the creation of a Local Innovation Plan.

    Established by the 84th Texas Legislature, the DOI concept provides local communities the opportunity to decide how they can best deliver their District’s goals – moving away from mandated compliance to innovative possibilities. While many Texas plans have included exemptions from the mandatory school start date, the length of the school day and class-size ratios, Fort Bend ISD administrators and trustees stressed that outcomes of the process were not predetermined, and the process would be collaborative and transparent.

    The Plan

    Fort Bend ISD’s Local Innovation Plan, developed and drafted by the Local Innovation Committee, identifies innovative ways Fort Bend ISD students would benefit from flexibilities from state mandates in three areas: the school calendar, teacher certification and minimum attendance for class credit or final grade – 90 percent rule. 

    In order to become a District of Innovation, the District’s Academic Advisory Council, or AAC, held a public meeting on February 8 and approved the Local Innovation Plan by a majority vote. Following the approval, the District held a 30-day public comment period, where stake holders could provide feedback on the plan. In addition, a public meeting was held on February 21 to educate staff and community about the plan.

    On March 27, 2017, the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees approved the Local Innovation Plan, designating FBISD as a District of Innovation.

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    The Committee

    Each member of the Board of Trustees appointed three representatives to the Local Innovation Committee, with the superintendent appointing nine. The committee is comprised of various stakeholder groups, who will also consider input from a community survey.