PreK-1st Parent Guides

  • Understanding the Parent Guides


    The Parent Guides are the key to understanding marks in Skyward and on the report card.  The following definitions provide guidance to parents to understand the language of Standards-Based Grading.


    Competency: Standards-Based Grading communicates students’ understanding of the Texas Essentials Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Using the TEKS, teachers developed grade-level competencies to communicate student progress in the Standards-Based gradebook.  The competencies are the same for each grade-level content area (i.e. 1st grade math) across the district.  Teachers report students’ progress on the competencies using learning progressions.


    Learning Progression:  A learning progression is comprised of three proficiency levels (developing, progressing, proficient).  Each proficiency level in the progression defines the knowledge and skills that students will master on their pathway to proficiency.


    Proficient: A mark of Proficient (PF) means the student meets the grade-level expectations for the competency.


    Competency Success Criteria: Success criteria define the knowledge and skills that students must master in order to attain the Proficient (PF) level at the end of a unit or quarter as related to the competency. Success criteria define what students know and can demonstrate.