Physical Activities Resources

Activities to use with early childhood students to facilitate physical activity. Careful consideration of physical capabilities should be taken into account. Shape America

General adaptations to physical activities. Careful consideration of physical capabilities should be taken into account. Marathon Kids


Created by Special Olympics, Fit 5 is a program focused on health and fitness as a whole in a fun, simplified format. It is based on the three simple goals of exercising 5 days per week, eating 5 total fruits and vegetables per day and drinking 5 water bottles of water per day. This program includes workout videos, exercise cards, and a weekly exercise, nutrition, and water tracker. Fit 5


An inclusive at-home video workout program featuring WWE Superstar Becky Lynch created by Special Olympics that focuses on flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance spanning 3 different challenge levels complete with a downloadable fitness tracker.Home Workout Program


Head over to YouTube for a series of 38 inclusive exercise videos to choose from. The video workouts include Adapted Kids Yoga classes, Stress Relievers for Children with Autism, and much more. Workout Videos


Activities for Students with Limited Mobility. Limited Mobility Activities


The Inspired TreeHouse's Recommendations for the Best Games for Kids in Wheelchairs. Games for Student's in Wheelchairs