The Brazoria-Fort Bend Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

  • The Brazoria-Fort Bend Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) has been established through a shared service arrangement between eleven (11) neighboring school districts within Fort Bend county, Brazoria county, and southwest Harris county. The member school districts are: Alief, Angleton, Brazosport, Columbia- Brazoria, Damon, Danbury, Fort Bend, Lamar Consolidated, Needville, Stafford, and Sweeny.

    Program Vision:
    Developing our students to be the best readers, writers, and communicators that they can be.

    Communication Philosophy:
    The Brazoria-Fort Bend RDSPD recognizes the importance of the development of age-appropriate communication and language skills for a child’s academic, social, cognitive, and linguistic development, as well as mental and physical well-being. Communication assessments are used in order to support maximum linguistic development for each student. Communication strategies such as listening, oral, signed English, spoken language, reading, writing, fingerspelling, gesture, pantomime, and body language are used to provide each student access to English instruction. Students who utilize American Sign Language as a first language are instructed through a Total Communication philosophy, utilizing Manually Coded English sign language for literacy development with conceptual/ASL sign support to enhance comprehension.




    For additional information about the Brazoria-Fort Bend Regional Day School Program for the Deaf,
    please contact Jackie Boyd at 281-634-1398, or