Special Education Administrative Procedures

  • Fort Bend Independent School District (“FBISD” or the “District”) is subject to the rules and regulations contained in all Governing Documents. Governing Documents shall include federal and state law, Board policy (including the Student Code of Conduct), and this Special Education Administrative Procedures. These Special Education Administrative Procedures serve as the Operating Guidelines for Special Education as required by the Texas Education Agency.   In the event of any inconsistencies or conflict between the Governing Documents, the following order of precedence shall apply:

    • Federal law
    • State law
    • Board policy (including the Student Code of Conduct)
    • Special Education Administrative Procedures (Operating Guidelines)

    The District reserves the right to modify provisions of the Special Education Administrative Procedures at any time when it deems necessary. While the Administrative Procedures may be adopted and revised throughout the year, the Special Education Administrative Procedures, including any updates thereto, is published on a yearly basis. Further, although these Procedures may refer to rights established through law or District policy, the Procedures do not create any additional rights for students and parents.

    If you have questions regarding the Special Education Administrative Procedures, please contact the Executive Director, Student Support Services at Deena.Hill@FortBendisd.com or 281-634-1143. 

    FBISD 2022-23 Special Education Administrative Procedures (Operating Guidelines)

    Section 1A- Referrals and Child Find

    Appendix 1a  

    Section 1B- Evaluations

    Appendix 1b

    Section 2- Disabilities

    Section 3- Related and Instructional Services

    Section 4- IEP (FAPE)

    Appendix 4

    Section 5- Instructional Service Delivery Models

    Appendix 5

    Section 6- Instructional Arrangement Settings

    Section 7- Discipline

    Section 8- Other Special Education Procedures

    Appendix 8

    FBISD COVID 19 Supplemental Guidance provides additional guidance and interim procedures based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Texas Education Agency, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines.