Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC)

  • SEPAC Executive Board

    President: Ms. Maitri Shah

    Vice President: Ms. Satavia Hazley Austin

    Parent Coordinator: Dr. Ekpedeme Wade

    Secretary: Ms. Nida Arslan

    Department Contact: Cindy MantheyProgram Manager, Program Improvement

    SEPAC Input Form

    FBISD SEPAC Bylaws 2022-2023

    SEPAC Mission

    The mission of the Fort Bend ISD Special Education Parent Advisory Committee is to advocate for the support, respect and understanding of all children with disabilities in Fort Bend ISD.  To that end, we work to:

    • Advocate for an innovative and inclusive educational environment where children with disabilities are provided with the resources necessary to reach their optimum potential.
    • Advise Fort Bend ISD on the operation and development of special education programs, parent and teacher training needs, and help develop policy.
    • Create a network of parents and caregivers of children with special needs to provide support and facilitate effective communication between parents, students and the school district.

     SEPAC Committees

     1. Communication:

    • Advise and provide input on communications within the group and members such as newsletters and other communications as agreed upon by the SEPAC

     2. Policy/Advocacy:

    • Become knowledgeable of local instructional services and personnel serving Special Education students as well as state or national laws, rules, regulations and guidelines affecting Special Education services
    • Advocate for Special Education students, families, and schools to promote the awareness of the unique social and emotional needs of special education students

     3. Parent Resources/Community Outreach:

    • Cultivate a strong Special Education Community in Fort Bend ISD by creating opportunities for positive interactions between families, schools, and the community
    • Identify and provide needed resources for Special Education students and their families through collaboration with schools, Fort Bend ISD, and the community
    • Facilitate community education within Fort Bend ISD with a focus on bridging the gap between community feedback and Fort Bend ISD actions

Upcoming SEPAC Meeting Dates

  • TBD for 2024-2025