Special Education Advisory Committee (SEPAC)


    SEPAC Executive Board

    President: Brandy Williamson

    Vice President: Carly Durham

    Secretary: Cindy Decker

    Parent Coordinator: Dr. Vonda Oliver


    SEPAC Mission

    The mission of the Fort Bend ISD Special Education Parent Advisory Committee is to advocate for the support, respect and understanding of all children with disabilities in Fort Bend ISD.  The that end, we work to:

    • Advocate for an innovative and inclusive educational environment where children with disabilities are provided with the resources necessary to reach their optimum potential.
    • Advise Fort Bend ISD on the operation and development of special education programs, parent and teacher training needs, and help develop policy.
    • Create a network of parents and caregivers of children with special needs to provide support and facilitate effective communication between parents, students and the school district.






    Texas Education Agency-Monitoring and Stakeholder Feedback Process

    TEA is conducting two different types of monitoring reviews. One is the Differentiated Monitoring and Support (DMS) cyclical review. The purpose of a cyclical review is to determine compliance with federal and state laws for serving students with disabilities and to assist LEAs in resolving specific issues or concerns that impact services and outcomes for students with disabilities. The second type of review is the Differentiated Monitoring and Support (DMS) targeted review. The purpose of this review is to determine compliance with federal and state laws for serving students with disabilities and to assist LEAs in building a continuous improvement process with results driven accountability indicators that identify potential needed supports. LEA special education programs will be monitored at least once within the six-year monitoring cycle and an LEA will not be monitored in more than one process within the same year.


    Fort Bend Independent School District (ISD) has been identified to participate in the 2020-2021 special education Cyclical Review Process - Group 3 activities. 2020-2021 Cycle 1, Group 3 LEAs will begin engaging in the monitoring process in October 2020 through December 2020.


    The TEA special education monitoring desk review will consist of the following items:


    1. Sample list of students selected by LEA
    2. Performance Level Indicators
    3. Student FIE and/or IEP Review
    4. Documents from LEA to support compliance of IDEA and student IEPs
    5. Local Policy and Procedure Review
    6. SPP indicator data
    7. Dispute/Complaint Data Review
    8. Ongoing noncompliance
    9. Stakeholder surveys


    Stakeholder Survey

    As a valued stakeholder, we ask that you take the survey between now and November 20.   

    Stakeholders Survey

    Your participation in this survey is voluntary, and you may decline to answer any question and you have the right to withdraw from participation at any time.


    Surveys are also available in other languages and can be found below:


    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter in Arabic

    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter Burmese

    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter Chinese

    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter English

    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter Filipino

    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter Spanish

    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter Urdu

    Stakeholder Survey Cover Letter Vietnamese


    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or would like more information on resources listed within the survey, please contact the Texas Education Agency Review and Support division at reviewandsupport@tea.texas.gov.