Structured Therapeutic Educational Program (STEP)

  • Welcome to STEP (Structured Therapeutic Educational Program) FBISD’s Centralized Behavior Program. This program serves a diverse population of students who require direct and specialized services from all campuses throughout Fort Bend ISD. 

    STEP (Structured Therapeutic Education Program) is a full day self-contained centralized behavior program in Fort Bend ISD that provides a structured therapeutic environment while supporting students in academics, social emotional and behavior interventions.

    It is designed to serve special education students, who have not been successful in a specialized support service classroom, students transitioning back to the district from an out of district placement and elementary general education students that have been referred for testing that need additional behavioral support during the evaluation period.

    STEP Provides: 

    • Each student with a class period of social skills
    • Social Skills integrated into the core subjects for 5-7 minutes throughout the school day
    • Staff with 40 hours of Registered Behavior Technician Training and an intensive two day Behavior Boot Camp
    • An on campus full time Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to support students and staff
    • Constant communication with parents
    • Monthly data review meetings with home campus


    The STEP Mission and Vision:

    Our Mission is to provide a structured therapeutic environment for students with a history of externalizing and internalizing behaviors, which have significantly impacted their educational and functional progress.  The framework of student success centers around individualized learning intentions and success criteria providing access to general education curriculum that is accommodated, modified, or based on pre-requisite skills with learning experiences developed to meet the student at the identified academic level and demonstrate proficiency in each skill.  These learning experiences are aligned to the District’s curriculum, incorporating social skills instruction, as well as emotional and behavioral regulation skills. We foster a community of safety and respect and work in tandem with the home campus and parents.

    Our Vision is to support students in the areas of academics, social-emotional, and mental health by providing comprehensive academic, social-emotional, and intensive behavioral interventions.  The program is based on relationship-building, high expectations with clear limit setting, and encompassing positive supports to provide for the needs of the whole child.

    The STEP Goal: 

    The goal of the Structured Therapeutic Educational Program is to provide students with the opportunity within their home district of Fort Bend ISD to gain the skills necessary to successfully transition to a less restrictive educational environment. 

    Our Why: 

    Elementary: We are dedicated to honing the lives of our students by fostering accountability, adaptability and resilience while helping them to understand their purpose in the world.

    Middle School: To create opportunities for success for every student, every minute, every day.

    High School: To give every student a chance, a fresh start, a clean slate to be successful in life, by providing them with the behavioral, social, and functional skills needed to become independent and productive citizens with equal opportunities to contribute to society. 

    Welcome to STEP!!

    Success Treatment Education Perseverance

    I am successful, I treat everyone with respect, I value education, and I persevere.


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STEP Campus Information

  • School Hours of Operation: 

    Monday – Friday

    7:45 am to 3:00 pm. 


    FBISD Educational Complex

    1557 Independence Blvd. 

    Missouri City, Texas 77489


    School Phone: 


    Mireida Yeldell


    STEP Contacts:

    Dominion Southall

    Program Supervisor 



    Candice Charles

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst



    Alicha Harris

    General Ed. Teacher


    Syeda Alam

    Secondary Alt. Curriculum Teacher


    Chadwick Dykes

    Secondary Alt. Curriculum Teacher 


    Bianca Dixon 

    Middle School Positive Behavior Management Teacher


    Kimberly Curtis

    Elementary Alt. Curriculum Teacher 


    Tommie Mack

    Elementary Positive Behavior Management Teacher


    Jordan Louis

    Elementary Positive Behavior Management Teacher


    Syreeta Causey

    Adult Alt Curriculum Teacher