Dyslexia and Reading Resources

Reading Bear targets learning letter sounds, provides videos and quizzes- Reading Bear

Educational games targeting grammar, spelling, sight words, and other word skills-

 Room Recess

Read Theory focuses on reading comprehension and allows parents to set up free accounts and track their child's progress. It offers leveled reading passages and quizzes regarding passages. Read Theory

This website is packed with games that focus on helping children learn grammar, spelling, sight words, and other word skills. This website is fun for students of all levels. Room Recess

This website offers basic reading and math practice activities that include phonics, word sounds, and basic spelling within the K, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade level. Starfall

This website allows parents to sign up multiple children, and decide if they want the site to be password protected. Each child gets to create a monster that they teach to read by going on adventures. The online version is offered at no charge. Teach Your Monster to Read


TIP: When your child is watching their favorite show or when the family is watching a movie, try putting on the Closed Caption feature (CC). Students are highly motivated by the captions and it gives students access to seeing words as they are being spoken.