Behavior Support Resources

Visual Supports Library- Behavior/Self- Regulation- STEPS to locate Supports: Steps: 1. Click on Educator. 2. Click on Autism or Behavior, and 3. Click on Visual Supports File Library.

Library of Visual Supports to support appropriate behavior- Autism Circuit

Parenting tools for various behaviors- Parenting Tools

Library of resources: Tips and tools, games, and songs to support behavior-Do 2 Learn

IBCCES provides information on Autism Spectrum Disorders and 15 Behavior Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum. IBCCES

The Child Mind Institute provides parents with Strategies for Managing Child Behavior Problems at Home.  Child Mind Institutue

Visual Support for Parents regarding the Power of Positive Phrasing Positive Phrasing

Visual Support for Parents regarding Offering Choices Offering Choices

Yoga poses to assist students in calming down Yoga for Kids

Activity designed for students on the Autism Spectrum to learn ways to regulate emotional verbal outburst Regulate Emotional Verbal Outburst

Visual Support for 5 count breathing exercises to assist in calming down. Five Count Breathing

Self-Control "remote control" to assist students with regulating their emotions and behaviors Self Control Remote Control

 Sample Schedule to continue structuring your child's daily activities Sample Schedule