Teacher Development

  • Professional Learning:

    The Teacher Development Department supports growth and learning. Teacher Development is collaborative, facilitates reflective practices, promotes differentiated support, and encourages risk-taking. Teacher Development builds capacity. Our department adheres to FBISD Professional Learning Mission and to the District’s Professional Learning Core Beliefs.


    FBISD Professional Learning Mission:

    FBISD is committed to equipping all learners through sustained standards-based and results-driven professional learning.


     FBISD Professional Learning Core Beliefs:

    • All educators have an obligation to improve their practice.
    • Educator effectiveness is a significant factor in student success.
    • More students achieve when educators assume collective responsibility for student learning.
    • Collaboration among educators builds shared responsibility and improves student learning.
    • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of professional learning improves its quality and results.
    • The success of professional learning is measured in terms of its impact on educator effectiveness and student achievement.
    • Successful leaders create and sustain a culture of learning.
    • Diversity strengthens an organization and improves its decisions.

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