• Elkins UNICEF Club hopes to inspire its members to be a participating citizens of the community.  

    2023-2024 Club Officers

    Co-Presidents: Grace Sowon Park, Joy Hyewon Park

    Vice President: Kory Ngo

    Secretary: Kirkpatrick Egbe

    Treasurer: Jacob Pazhoor

    Historian: Srinivasa Mahankali

    General Meetings: Meetings are every other Monday. Please check out the website's calendar to know our meeting dates. 

    The dues are $20. 

    Our remind:@unicef223

    Our Instagram: @elkinsunicef


    Our website: https://unicefelkins.wixsite.com/unicefelkins 


    Club Sponsor: oluwakemi.tanimonu@fortbendisd.com





Phone: 281-327-4672


Degrees and Certifications:

Oluwakemi Tanimonu