• Elkins High School 2022 AP TESTING Information/Guidelines



    Dear EHS AP Parent and Student,


    Please read all of the following testing procedures carefully.  Failure to adhere to these procedures may result in an AP exam being voided with no refund given. 


    1. AP Tests will be in either the Practice Gym and classes on the World Language 100 hallways. Special circumstance testing will be at a specific location communicated to the student. Seating Charts will be posted outside the test room(s).


    1. College Board rules state that NO CELL PHONES are allowed in the test room. Students will need to make whatever arrangements they need for their items prior to entering the exam room. Test proctors nor Mrs. Carter-McClain will store/hold a student’s cell phone for them.


    1. Late arrivers will not be admitted into the testing room. You should arrive at EHS before 7:30 AM to allow time for traffic and time to get settled into your testing room. When you get to the test room, locate your seat number from the posted seating chart prior to entering the room. You will enter and put your snack or lunch in the designated area (see more details below). Students must be seated and ready to begin by the times stated:

    Morning Exams: instructions will begin at 7:50 AM; exam will start at 8:00 AM

    Afternoon Exams:           instructions will begin at 11:50 AM; exam will start at 12:00 PM


    1. A no-show on exam day is an exam cancellation. The last day to request a refund was February 25, 2022. At this point, No Refunds will be issued for no-show/cancellations/any reason.


    1. Food and drink is allowed during break time only. Students will place these items in a designated area. BACKPACKS/BAGS/PURSES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN THE TEST ROOM. If any special items are needed during the exam the student must inform Mrs. Carter-McClain prior to the start of the test. All food/drink should be labeled with your name (use a marker, sticker, or post-it note). Thus, students will enter the test room with ONLY: Photo ID; Pencils; Pens. All pens/pencils and snacks/lunch must be placed in a ziplock/clear bag.

    Food and drinks are not allowed at your desk during testing.


    1. AP testing only occurs once a year. If you oversleep or arrive late to an exam, you have missed your opportunity to test this school year.  We strongly advise you to take the following precautions to ensure that this does not happen:


    1. Secure a locker or other location for your items PRIOR to the test day. Gather the appropriate testing supplies (picture ID, sharpened pencils, pens, etc.) the night before. Do not wait until the morning of the test to look for these items.
    2. Use an alarm clock. Leave your house earlier that morning. There could be more traffic around EHS on test days, allow for that delay.
    3. Make your parents aware of your exam dates and that you need to arrive to school early on those days. Ask your parent to check on you that morning and wake you up if you accidentally oversleep.
    4. Do not stop at a fast food restaurant for breakfast. You cannot anticipate how long you will wait in line for your food.  Eat a healthy breakfast at home.


    “I overslept” and “I forgot I had to be here at 7:30 am” are not valid reasons for missing a standardized test.  You have worked too hard to prepare for this exam to miss your opportunity to test.  Please adhere to the above recommendations to ensure that this does not happen. 


    1. AP Test Room locations are either the Practice Gym or World Language 100 hallways unless you have been given specific information for a special circumstance:


    You are required to bring: Photo ID; two sharpened #2 pencils and two black or dark blue pens to all exams.  No mechanical pencils are allowed.   Proctors will indicate how much time remains during exams.  Be sure to secure a calculator PRIOR to the exam if you are allowed to use one.  Note, College Board has an approved list of calculators that may be used – check their website.


    1. You will need to manage your lunch time if you have two exams on one day. You should bring a sack lunch to ensure you have something to eat between the two exams. The afternoon exam cannot be delayed extensively in order for you to eat lunch and you will not be admitted to the test room late. Plan: eat a snack at break time during your first exam, have a sandwich between tests and have another snack at the break during the second exam.  You will not have time to have lunch in the cafeteria on your exam days if you have two exams.


    1. If a student is unable to test or has his or her test voided due to failure to adhere to testing guidelines, there will be no refund.


    1. Please review this sheet the week before AP exams and the day before each test to remind yourself of the things you need to do and bring to be prepared for your exam(s).



    EHS AP Staff

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