Attendance Office Information and Tips
    Send all attendance related emails to: AttendanceEHS@Fortbendisd.com
    Use the EHS Attendance Note to excuse absences
    Excuse Notes
    • All excuse notes must include:
      • Full Name
      • Student ID
      • Grade Level
      • Date(s) of absence
      • Reason for absence
      • Parent contact information and signature
    • Turn into the EHS Attendance Office via
    • All excuse notes must be turned in within 5 school days of the absence.  If an excuse note is not received within 5 DAYS of the student’s return to school, the absence will be coded as Unexcused, which may result in truancy charges if specific criteria are met. (Per FBISD Student Handbook)  
    Tips to improve student's attendance
    • Ultimately, parents are responsible for getting their children to school. Here are a few tips to consider:
      • Schedule doctor’s appointments before school, after school, or during the holidays.
      • If your child is ill, email our EHS Attendance Team the first morning of their absence.
      • Arrive to school on time and attend every class period. If the student arrives more than 20 min. late to any class, the student will be marked ABSENT.
      • Make school attendance a habit. This can carry over when seeking employment.
      • Make sure your child’s job does not require working during the school day or after 10 p.m. on school nights.
      • Ask for help from your campus counselor if you are having trouble with your child.

    Attendance's impact on student's final grade/credit  To receive credit or a final grade in a class, a student in kindergarten–grade 12 must attend at least 90% of the days the class is offered. A student who attends at least 75% but fewer than 90% of the days the class is offered may receive credit or a final grade for the class if he or she completes a plan, approved by the Assistant Principal, which allows the student to fulfill the instructional requirements for the class.

    Attendance Procedures & Truancy  Truancy is the act of failing or refusing to attend school. FBISD enforces the Texas Compulsory Attendance laws of the State of Texas. EHS Student Attendance Specialist, Mr. Kendrick Randle, works closely with EHS to collect attendance data, coordinate automated phone messages to parents when a child is absent, issue warning letters, #Attend2Achieve Truancy Diversion Program notices, and referrals to appear in court. 

    FBISD attendance policies/procedures can be found in the FBISD Student/Parent Handbook




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