• Welcome to another exciting year at Elkins High School's National Art Honor Society! Here, students will learn valuable skills in art. We do various events over the school year, such as mural painting, art auctioning, shoe art, and much much more! In addition, students will be able to earn a chance to get their Letterman jackets and seniors will be able to get chords (information posted under "Rules and Regulations"). We hope to see new and returning members this school year!

    For all upcoming volunteer opportunities, point totals and other important information please visit the NAHS Weebly site (found in the Quick links on right of this page)  that is updated weekly by our officers.

    Hope to see you all very soon!

  • Thanks for your interest in joining! Here are some rules members are required to follow. Please go through them to ensure a successful year!


    1.  Please be courteous to all members, including the officers and teachers. 
    2. NAHS members are required to come to at least 8 meetings (or painting/events) within a semester. Members who do not reach this requirement will be taken off the members list. If you have problems with coming to meetings, please consult an officer. 
    3. Members must have paid their dues and maintain their points to be an official member of NAHS. (Otherwise, you are just a member of the Art Club.)
    4. A passing grade is required for all members to stay in the club. No Pass, No Play. 
    5. Have fun! Don't be afraid to get creative! Mistakes are part of the creative process!


    • Meeting Attendance= 1 point
    • Wearing T-Shirt during Meetings/ Work days= 1 point
    • Attending Work days (Mural painting, storage cleanup, ect.) = 5 points per hour
    • Cultural Events (theaters, museums, plays, ect.) = 5 points


    1. Letterman Jackets can be earned after 200 points are earned by a member. Points can be accumulated from past years. 
    2. Senior chords are earned after 100 points are earned during the member's senior year. Points earned in past years do not apply to senior chords. 
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