• The Fort Bend ISD Textbook Department provides each teacher and student with the necessary state-adopted books by managing the district's textbooks and Instructional Material in the most effective and efficient way. By working closely with the Curriculum Department, the Textbook Department coordinates the review, adoption, purchase and distribution of instructional materials throughout the District. For more information, please click HERE.


      A majority of core and elective courses have online versions of their books available for student use.  Teachers in these classes will have textbooks for students to use in the classroom.  If students would like their own physical copy of a textbook, they will have the opportunity to get one.


      The textbook room is located at the end of the downstairs gold hallway past the gyms (across from the band/music/orchestra hall).


      At this time, all textbook requests need to be made through Office 341 with Ms. Najera.  Dr. Brown and Ms. Najera will coordinate the delivery of the textbook to the student. You can request a textbook at any point during the school year.


      Along with the benefits of having your own textbook will also come great responsibility. Each student will be required to take great care of their textbook. Lost, stolen, or damaged books will result in fines/fees. The cost of each textbook differs and can range from $40 - $200.  Damage can include water damage, writing on the pages, torn pages, etc.  Fines/Fees for textbooks will go on the Elkins HS Master Fees and Fines list.  Students and Parents will be notified they are on the list.  Unpaid fines could prevent a student from exempting final exams.