• Academic UIL
    Students who make a team in an academic event will compete in District 20-6A UIL in early April and, depending on placement either as an individual or as part of a team, may advance to Region 3 competition in late April and State competition in May.  Students that advance to UIL State in an academic event at any point during high school are eligible to apply for scholarships as seniors.
    Students interested in competing in an event should contact the teacher indicated below and plan to spend time studying and preparing for their respective contest.  Practice times and study sessions are determined by the event sponsor.  
    Ms. Bonnie Bonnette (room 131):  Ready Writing, Debate events (Informative, Persuasive, Lincoln-Douglas, Prose Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation)
    Mr. Jason Ozment (room 711):  Current Issues and Events
    Ms. Asheley Griffin (room 705): Literary Criticism
    Ms. Heather Payne (room 104): Social Studies
    Mr. Elias Reyes (room 125):  Journalism (Copy Editing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, News Writing, Headline Writing)
    Dr. Anthony Lau (room 225):  Science
    Mrs. Elizabeth Ward (room 622): Computer Science
    Mr. Chad Bishop (room 221): Accounting
    Mr. William Corrington (room 623): Calculator Applications, Mathematics, Number Sense, Spelling and Vocabulary
    Contests are conducted in:
    • Accounting
    • Calculator Applications
    • Current Issues
    • Computer Applications
    • Computer Science
    • Copy Editing
    • Editorial Writing
    • Feature Writing
    • Headline Writing
    • Informative Speaking
    • Lincoln Douglas Debate
    • Literary Criticism
    • Mathematics
    • Number Sense
    • News Writing
    • Persuasive Speaking
    • Poetry Interpretation
    • Prose Interpretation
    • Ready Writing
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Spelling and Vocabulary

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