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    The official newspaper of Elkins High School


    Mission Statement

    The Elkins Round Table is a student-led school newspaper that aims to report on school and current events impacting our community. Furthermore, we publish articles to enrich our viewership with thought-provoking discussions.


    About Us

    We are a club that offers opportunities for students to show off their specialized skills in various ways such as writing, interviewing, film-making, website development, graphic design, and much more in their high school newspaper! We have written articles and produced videos on a multitude of subjects from upcoming school events to ongoing world dilemmas. We have produced articles over interviews with public figures like superintendents, mayors, and even a congressman. Recently, we have observed a deep divide between the school staff, students, and administration especially with the covid pandemic and we hope to serve as a panacea to this growing problem. Ultimately, we strive to depolarize the divisions within our school and community by providing engaging content to audiences of all ages.


    Connect with Us





    Contact Us




    Misha Adams - Misha.Adams@fortbendisd.com


    Executive Officers

    Editor in Chief

    Andrew Greb


    “As Editor in Chief, I find it to be my duty to guide the organization to its goals and effectively act as the compass to maneuver ourselves through obstacles and difficulties. I hope to not only take this opportunity to expose others and myself to the world of leadership, but to also elevate our school to become a more informed and interconnected community”


    Vice President

    Dev Shroff

    “As Vice President, I strive to push the newspaper further and aid in any way I can, from initiating new projects to communicating with the community to hear their thoughts. Through The Round Table, I hope to better connect the school and expose students to new thoughts and ideas on school and current events.”



    Chief of Editorial Department

    Andrew Greb - Andrew.G11@student.fortbendisd.com


    “The Editorial Department informs community members with accurate details on school news and world events. Furthermore, we aim to inspire young journalists to learn valuable skills and lessons they can implement in their own lives.”


    Chief of Visuals Department



    “The Visuals Department sends information your way through engaging videos, reels and comics that relate to the current events in the world. Through Photoshop and Premire Pro, we hope to entertain the Elkins community and bring light to the issues stated.”


    Chief of IT Department


    “The IT Department strives to keep the community posted around the clock with up to date information on the world. We aim to show people some of the wonderful things you can do with code and inspire people to explore the field themselves.”


    Chief of Marketing Department



    “The Marketing department expands The Round Table’s viewership, following, and relatability across all audiences. This is done through various marketing tactics on trending social media apps such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. Moreover, this small team emphasizes collaboration in dedication in order to fully serve the EHS student body.”


    Chiefs of Podcasting Department



    “The Elkins Table Talk podcast strives to promote social awareness for the community in and around Elkins High School by discussing current events, events at Elkins High School, and other topics. With the work of amazing hosts and support from viewers, we are able to promote thoughtful conversation amongst students. Without a doubt, the Table Talk Podcast will have an everlasting effect on the Elkins campus and other campuses as well.”