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    Mrs. Carter-McClain, your College and Career Advisor, is available for students to seek advice in regard to postsecondary planning, assistance with college applications, applications for scholarships, revisions to college essays, informing students about different colleges, and assisting with military recruitment. Parents are also welcome to reach out to Mrs. Carter-McClain if they have questions and concerns regarding post-secondary education/careers. 

    The College and Career Readiness (CCR) Center prepares all Elkins HS students to achieve post-secondary goals and aspirations. The CCR center will be open for students to seek advisement, work on college applications, apply for scholarships, write and revise college essays, pick up college brochures, and attend college visits. Parents are also welcome to the resource center if they have questions and concerns regarding post-secondary education/careers.

    The College and Career Readiness Center is located in the back right-hand corner of the EHS Library.   Please click here and see the College Application Step by Step Guide, including SchooLinks

    All students needing letters of recommendation for college applications and/or scholarships MUST submit to teachers and their counselors a Letter of Recommendation Required Fillable Brag Sheet

    11th Grade Info.

    11th Grade Parent/Guardian CCR & Counseling Department Guide 

    Presentation Recording of September 6th 11th Grade CCR & Counseling Parent/Guardian Meeting


    12th Grade Info.  

    12th Grade Parent/Guardian College & Career Application Guide 

    Presentation Recording of September 6th 12th Grade CCR & Counseling Parent/Guardian Meeting


    Senior FBISD District CCMR Parent Night ( September 20th)



    How to Guide (Below ⇓) - Search for Scholarships and Submit Proof of FAFSA for Grad Requirements in SchooLinks

    Search for Scholarships and submit proof of FAFSA for Grad Requirements in SchooLinks


    The CCR center is open Monday, Tuesday, & every other Friday before school and during all lunches for students to stop in and seek advisement, work on applications, research and apply for scholarships, write and revise college essays, pick up college materials, etc.


    • Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, the district will use SchooLinks to support students as they navigate their college and career planning process. Students received access to the new system the week of May 22, 2023, so they can begin exploring this summer. Students may log into SchooLinks through OneLink and then the Clever Portal. (This is the same way students accessed Naviance.)    

      The new platform gives students the improved ability to:

      • Take surveys and quizzes to learn more about their interests and possible careers
      • Research careers and watch videos to help navigate the college and career planning process
      • Explore information about colleges to learn about campus culture, student life, etc.
      • Learn about financial literacy and how decisions can impact students after graduation, plus
        scholarship matching, college application tracking, transcript requests and more.


    • Fort Bend ISD students are able to begin submitting all college application materials and request letters of recommendation using the new SchooLinks college and career exploration software.

      Although the SchooLinks portal is open, please know that letters of recommendation will be processed in mid-September. This provides time for the district’s academic staff members to return to their campuses, complete all levels of training on SchooLinks and have an opportunity to write more informed, personalized letters for students who request them. Please review your choice college admissions requirements as not all require a letter of recommendation. 

      We are aware that portals such as Common Application, Apply Texas, and Coalition for College open on August 1st for students applying for fall 2024 college enrollment.

      Rest assured that there will be ample time for colleges to receive students’ recommendation letters and have them on file for the admission review process.  

      Typically, early submission deadlines do not begin before October 1st.  

      As a reminder: access to Naviance will not be available after July 31, 2023.

    The CCR Center is located in the Library


      What does it mean to be College Ready?

      A student who is “college ready” is prepared for any postsecondary goal without the need for college remediation. The student meets the minimum Texas Success Initiative scores through the SAT, ACT, or TSIA.

      *College Remediation: College Remediation is enrolling in additional developmental courses (English and Math) at a 2 or 4 year institution to prepare a student to complete standard college-level courses. These courses will not count towards the students degree plan and must be taken prior to enrolling in standard college-level courses.   

      What does it mean to be Career Ready?

      The student has completed or is working towards an industry certificate. The student has met TSI benchmark through the SAT, ACT, or TSIA.

      What does it mean to be Military Ready?

      The student has successfully completed the ASVAB exam and met the required score for a specific branch of the military. The student has completed and submitted enlistment documentation to the recruiter and high school.






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    EHS CCR Advisor
    (281) 634-9033
    Fax (281) 634-2715
    Direct Fax (281) 327-9033

    You can now book and manage appointments using our booking page by clicking here.  

    College and Career Readiness Advisor is here to:

    • Assist with College research
    • Applying to College
    • SAT / ACT Prep
    • College essay writing
    • Creating a resume
    • Military recruitment
    • Assist with Job Hunting
    • Alternatives to College
    • Career Search
    • AND MORE!



    The purpose of this database is aimed at ensuring that our community is made aware of the power and impact summer programs can have on the advancement and post-high school preparation of our youth.

    Please see the database below and be sure to apply to at least 2-3 summer camps this summer and every summer moving forward. **Please disregard the due dates shown on this database.  The websites and other information are accurate.  

    Summer Camps 10th - 12th Grade: Academic & Athletic

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