College, Career, Military Readiness

    Mrs. Carter-McClain, your College and Career Advisor, is available for students to seek advice in regard to postsecondary planning, assist with college applications, applying for scholarships, revise college essays, inform students about different colleges, and assist with military recruitment. Parents are also welcome to reach out to Mrs. Warren if they have questions and concerns regarding post-secondary education/careers. 


    The CCR Center is located in the Library

    Naviance & Family Connection: https://student.naviance.com/leehs


      What does it mean to be College Ready?

      A student who is “college ready” is prepared for any postsecondary goal without the need for college remediation. The student meets the minimum Texas Success Initiative scores through the SAT, ACT, or TSIA.

      *College Remediation: College Remediation is enrolling in additional developmental courses (English and Math) at a 2 or 4 year institution to prepare a student to complete standard college-level courses. These courses will not count towards the students degree plan and must be taken prior to enrolling in standard college-level courses.   

      What does it mean to be Career Ready?

      The student has completed or is working towards an industry certificate. The student has met TSI benchmark through the SAT, ACT, or TSIA.

      What does it mean to be Military Ready?

      The student has successfully completed the ASVAB exam and met the required score for a specific branch of the military. The student has completed and submitted enlistment documentation to the recruiter and high school.






    EHS CCR Advisor
    (281) 634-9033
    Fax (281) 634-2715
    Direct Fax (281) 327-9033

    You can now book and manage appointments using our booking page by clicking here.  

    College and Career Readiness Advisor is here to:

    • Assist with College research
    • Applying to College
    • SAT / ACT Prep
    • College essay writing
    • Creating a resume
    • Military recruitment
    • Assist with Job Hunting
    • Alternatives to College
    • Career Search
    • AND MORE!


  • Hello Elkins HS 12th Graders & Parents


    The State of Texas requires that all graduating seniors submit an application for Financial Aid or submit a form to Opt-Out of submitting a financial aid application.


    Please Note: FAFSA/TASFA graduation requirement takes multiple steps.  See details below


    There are three options to fulfill this graduation requirement:  1) Submit FAFSA, 2) Submit TASFA, or 3) Submit the Opt-Out form.


      What is FAFSA?

    • FAFSA® is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. By filling out the FAFSA® each year, you gain eligibility for grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs that are not available otherwise.
    • FAFSA should be submitted by students that are US Citizens, Permanent Residents, and eligible non-citizens.
    • Link to FAFSA Application

    What is TASFA?

    • TASFA stands for the Texas Application for State Financial Aid. It’s meant for students who are ineligible for federal aid through FAFSA® who are Texas residents, and went to high school for at least three years in the state.
    • TASFA should be completed by DACA and undocumented students.
    • TASFA is submitted directly to institution that the student plans to attend.
    • Link to TASFA Application

    Opting Out?

    • This means you are declining to complete a financial aid application. This must be signed by student (if 18), student and parent if student is under 18, or student and counselor. Submitting this form does not mean you cannot file the FAFSA or TASFA in the future.
    • Online Opt-Out Form English
    • Online Opt-Out Form Spanish

    NOTE: The Class of 2023 students will complete the FAFSA or TASFA application for 2023-24 school year.  This will require a need for income tax information from Tax Year 2021 when filling out financial information in FAFSA or TASFA. (This is the information that was filed in April 2022).


      The State of Texas requires that all graduating seniors submit an application for Financial Aid or submit a form to Opt-Out of submitting a financial aid application.


    The Student MUST submit Evidence of Completion* of either FAFSA or TASFA OR the Opt-Out form.  This can be done through the document completion form link below. A hard copy of the Evidence of Completion can also be submitted in person to Mrs. Carter-McClain in the CCR Center.


    See the document completion form link below  


    FAFSA/TASFA/OPT-OUT Form CompletionDUE December 1, 2022


    Thank you Amazing Knights. 


    Mrs. Carter-McClain, MPSA

    EHS College & Career Readiness Advisor



    See details of each of the steps to completing the

    FAFSA requirements below:





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  • Summer Program Showcase, Thursday, March 31st at 6pm

    The purpose of this database is aimed at ensuring that our community is made aware of the power and impact summer programs can have on the advancement and post-high school preparation of our youth.

    Please see the database below and be sure to apply to at least 2-3 summer camps this summer and every summer moving forward.

    EHS Summer Program Database - Academic & Athletic


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  • 2021-2022 Elkins HS School Profile

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  • School Profile 2020-2021

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