• What is a dual credit course?

    Dual credit courses are college courses that students take while in high school, earning both high school and college credit.  FBISD offers Dual Credit through Houston Community College for FREE if you reside within the HCC Taxing District.  If you do not, there is a $65 fee per course per semester.  All students must purchase textbooks.  Please note that there limitations to what students can take as Dual Credit and they must be approved.  If you are interested or have questions, please reach out to Dina Powis for more information.


    What does dual credit College Algebra entail?

    The first semester of this course is designed to strengthen Algebraic, geometric, and statistical reasoning. Its focus will be on Algebra, geometry, and statistic concepts that relate to success in higher level mathematics. These concepts include foundational algebra skills, functions and their graphs, systems of equations, trigonometry, probability, and statistics. The content of the second semester of this course will provide the student with college level MATH-1314/ College Algebra which is accepted at most Texas colleges and universities, as well as many out-of-state institutions.

    What does dual credit US History entail?

    History 1301 and 1302, offered through HCC, is an exciting year full of plenty of reading, writing and class discussion.  Half of a student's grade each semester is based upon analytical writing.  The goal is to not just teach students about history, but to show them how that impacts the present in a real way.  In DC US History, we dive beyond dates and definitions into making connections and uncovering parts of history that may ordinarlily be overlooked.  A love of history brought Ms Dominy here and she hopes that her student can leave loving history too!


    What are the State TSI requirements for dual credit?

    The students who are interested in enrolling in a dual credit course must meet the College Readiness Benchmarks:


     EOC Scores

    SAT Scores

    ACT Scores

    TSIA2 Assessment Score

    PSAT 10th & 11th

    Score at least a 4000 on Algebra 1 EOC

    Score at least a 530 on the Math Section

    Composite Score of at least 23 and a 19 or above on the Math Section


    Score a 950 on the Math Section


    Score a 510 above on the Math Section

    Score at least a 4000 on ELA 2 EOC

    Score at least a 480 on EBRW section

    Composite Score of at least 23 and a 19 or above on the English section


    Multiple Choice 945 & Essay 5 or Multiple Choice 910-944, ABE Diagnostic level 5-6, and an essay score 5-8

    Score a 460 above on the Verbal Section

    What steps do I take to enroll in a dual credit course?
    Select course during course selection and add to Skyward.  Follow instructions sent out via Naviance by Ms Powis.  This includes applying to HCC for the student ID#, completing 2 forms and submitting them to Ms Powis as soon as possible. 

    Action Item


    Course Selection


    Submit HCC Application

    Deadline TBD by HCC

    Submit HCC Dual Credit Waiver Form & Student Commitment Form to Ms Powis

    Deadline TBD by HCC

    Student will be offered a spot in the class once everything is completed and student deemed College Ready as per above assessments


    Ongoing until HCC deadline or courses are full



    Dates above are for dual credit courses offered at EHS during the regular school year only. All deadlines for summer dual credit courses are in mid to late February.

    Helpful HCC Dual Credit Student Resources