• Pratham International


    Pratham is an international 5O1C3 organization that provides necessities for kids in need of materials for their education. They also provide support to battered and abused women by teaching them vocational and business skills, which helps them get back up on their feet. It is a prestigious organization that originated in India whose goal was to help decrease the illiteracy rate there, but now is based all around the world and even has a headquarters in Houston. Their mission statement is: Every child in school and learning well. The main goals include ensuring that children are able to get an education and that abused women are able to restart their life while learning the skills they need in order to be successful. 

  • Elkins Pratham


    The Pratham Club at Elkins High School will engage students to help support the local organization with such initiatives as readathons, yearly events, fundraisers, and socials. Elkins Pratham strives to promote Pratham’s goal as well as fundraise for specific causes within the organization with the help of all the active members.




    Saahil Taneja: President

    Pushkar Seshadri: Vice President

    Dillon Mathews: Treasurer

    Revathi Gott: Social Media Officer

    Mehak Ghaghada:Secretary


    Isha and Janavi

    Isha Taneja (Left) and Janavi Seshadri (Right) are the Co-founders of this club and founded it for their want to be able to promote the same cause as Pratham. They both believe that education is very important and that every kid should have the opportunity to be able to learn.






  • Elkins Pratham Sponsor:

    Ms. Dominy

    Dual Credit US History


    Elkins Head Cheer Coach

    Class of 2024 Sponsor