General Information and Eligibility

  • What is included in the VATRE Pay Increase plan?

  • When will I receive my pay increase?

  • If I changed positions during my contract year, will I receive the VATRE increase and retro pay for both my current and previous positions?

  • Will the retro pay be considered as part of my income for TRS purposes?

  • If I am currently on a leave of absence, when will I receive my retro pay?

  • What is the effective date of the VATRE retro pay?

  • If I am hired after passage of the VATRE, will I still receive a compensation increase?

  • If I resign, do I still qualify for the VATRE increase and retro pay?

Information for employees on teacher pay scale

  • If I am on the teacher pay scale, how will my compensation be adjusted for 2023-24 to account for the new pay scale and retro pay?

  • What is the differentiated teacher step plan?

  • How do I know if I am on the Teacher Pay Scale?

  • Is the retro pay going back to my pay step or years completed?

Other questions

  • The VATRE compensation plan includes a 3% increase for administrators and business professionals, principals and assistant principals, and directors and above. How is this 3% increase calculated?

  • I am eligible to receive a $1.00 per hour or $1.50 per hour increase, but I do not know my current hourly rate. How can I calculate my raise?

  • Where do I go if I have additional questions about the VATRE and how it will impact me?